iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Hit the Web

Specs can boost the Apple brand once more

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Since the iPhone 5S release, many consumers have been looking beyond the horizon into 2014 and the iPhone 6 release. Specs and even a pending release date are the latest rumors around the web. Most stem from unnamed sources- including inside analysts who risk their jobs to relay the information. Apple remains extremely tight-lipped on any device in production; not even their front line sales team is informed of upcoming changes or devices until they are released.

Many consumers were frustrated with Apple when a bigger screen was not a part of the newest iPhone generation. Instead Apple focused on enhancing the processor with the M7, A7 64-bit chip and the TouchID. In addition, the iOS 7 has faced serious flaws that include some customers experiencing dizziness upon installation. Consumers are starting to grumble about Apple and many are hoping the iPhone 6 will turn the complaints around for good.

From the specs and release date rumors swirling, including personal, unnamed sources- the following details are emerging regarding the iPhone 6:

Could the IGZO screen technology lead to a flexible screen for iPhone 6?
Could the IGZO screen technology lead to a flexible screen for iPhone 6?
  • Originally, rumors surfaced the iPhone 6 may have a 6-inch screen. It seems that is not the case. Rumors are speculating the display will be larger than current iPhones, at around 4.8-inches but not six.
  • Potential NFC (near field communications) technology.
  • A possible solar charging feature which would be an innovative step for Apple.
  • A potential 128GB storage option.
  • The screen feature may include the Sharp IGZO technology, prompting some to contemplate if this can be an opening to flexible screens.
  • Could Apple be the lead manufacturer in securing Gaze Detection? This technology pauses the screen whenever a user’s eyes leaves the iPhone screen and resumes once focused upon.
  • The iOS 7 probably will not go away for awhile; it is expected it may remain for the iPhone 6.
  • Rumors suggest the release date could be in the fall of 2014, further yet are unnamed sources stating Apple may look to surprise competitors and launch late spring/early summer of 2014.
  • The camera for the iPhone 6 is slated to provide more megapixels and more modes for picture fun.

Perhaps, the hints of an early summer release are the reasons the rumor mill is exploding. Apple experienced a shift in the market after the iPhone event by a reduction of 5 percent. Further yet is the worrisome glance from investors when retailers promoted 50 percent off the iPhone 5C this past weekend. Can pushing the release date of the iPhone 6 boost stock, sales and interest once more in the iPhone brand?

The iPhone 5C was reduced 50 percent off, causing investor worries
The iPhone 5C was reduced 50 percent off, causing investor worries

Tech analysts think so. Many tech experts in the field are seeing the path of the iPhone 6 to be a powerful move for Apple as a brand. The lukewarm reception of the newest iPhone releases created frustration from consumers who expected more from Apple. The company seemingly needs a turnaround to enthrall customers again.

BlackBerry showed mobile manufacturers exactly what not to do to remain a powerful contender in the game. Continuous innovation and developing excitement is mandatory to remain in the top four within the country. With Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch release, Sony’s water resistant phones and LG creating faster processors, Apple has to stake a claim in the saturated smartphone market once more.

The iPhone 6 rumors have exploded regarding the release date and specs across the web. Consumers want – they demand- a change for their own investment to matter. As 2013 slowly comes to a close and 2014 begins, will Apple once more nab the crown of innovation or remain simply revolutionary?

By: Angelina Bouc

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