LG Flexible Display Production Looks to Knock Apple, Samsung from Innovation

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Innovation in the smartphone field is a lot harder to come by. With the explosive growth of Apple, Samsung and now Google, other manufacturers are looking for a way to join the big boys club. In doing so, LG just announced they too will start the production of flexible smartphone displays. The company is not looking just for a head-start, they are looking to beat their biggest competitors for release of the technology.

Samsung recently announced they would be releasing a phone with a curved display, not flexible as originally considered in January of this year. The technology is still under creation and testing, the largest Android manufacturer stated. Apple had hinted earlier this spring they too are looking to extend into the flexible display market. Prior to being removed from the Apple site in April, the company had launched a call-out for a Display Specialist to lead the team on emerging display technologies. The specialist, stated the ad, would work with LCD, AMOLED and flexible displays.

LG Flexible Display Looks to Knock Apple, Samsung from Innovation

Apple ad calling for Specialist
Apple ad calling for Specialist

While Samsung and Apple are looking for footing and specialists in the flexible display market, it appears LG is already looking towards production. CTO Dr. Sang Deog Yeo, who oversees the Display division for LG stated the company is looking “to take an early lead” by developing new technology in combination with enhanced devices for consumer use starting next year. If LG manages to accomplish this tremendous feat, it would hurt the innovation process for both Apple and Samsung.

The screens would not be made of glass, instead it would be made from plastic. The OLED screens would be flexible, bendable but not breakable. LG released hints their screen would be the thinnest in the world and looks forward to take a lead approach in the smartphone market. In addition, the smartphone manufacturer will be releasing the G Flex 6-inch smartphone with a curved screen next month. The curved screen is the lead introduction for preparation of the flexible screens.

Rumored idea of the G Flex 6-inch round phone.
Rumored idea of the G Flex 6-inch round phone.

Samsung has hinted at the Samsung Round, their first curved screen display as well. The phone’s body would remain rigid, except the design would be curved for comfort around the contours of a consumer’s face. More surprising than Samsung and LG creating curved phones? Apple’s lack of innovative development. In the realm of creative design, Apple when led by Steve Jobs, developed new and improved ways for communications. Many companies would emulate the lead technology company, but it seems Apple is slowly relinquishing their tight grip on the initial innovation.

The iPhone 6, slated to arrive in 2014 is rumored to have a 6-inch screen and now unnamed sources are hinting a flexible screen may be part of the release.  If Apple does aim for another September release date, it would appear an imitation if LG does release their version earlier in the year. Touting a thickness (or thinness) factor of 0.44mm of the flexible screen, LG may just be taking a key from its competitors and working on become a leader of innovation.

Could this be the future of smartphones?
Could this be the future of smartphones?

LG, formerly known as GoldStar was launched in 1958. The company does hold impressive accolades for leading the tree of innovation in many facets. LG was the first company to implement the CDMA mobile handsets in the United States. They also hold the innovative first for developing the world’s first plasma television set. Just a few years ago, the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer developed the world’s first dual-core smartphone. With continued growth and innovation, developing the first flexible screen is not that surprising, when one reviews the history of LG.

LG created the first dual-core phone with the Optimus 2X
LG created the first dual-core phone with the Optimus 2X

Samsung and Apple hold tremendous sales and a lionshare in the smartphone market. With LG’s announcement of the flexible screen, it could be the exact formula the company needs to knock Apple and Samsung from the chair of innovation. In the coming age of smartphone development, are you looking forward to the flexible screens?


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