Steve Jobs: Five Greatest Achievements (Videos)

Second year anniversary commemorates legacy of Steve Jobs

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The second anniversary following Steve Jobs death is a hard one. Apple has not been the same since the mastermind genius passed from pancreatic cancer. He left a legacy behind that has been struggling to reestablish themselves as innovators in an entrenched field. Jobs created innovation by thought, process, completion and follow-up. He was always thinking of the next best thing; this list can extend to over 100 items of achievements for Jobs, but here are humbly five of those greatest achievements.

Apple II Circa 1977

It was the innovative evolution of the Apple II that became an utter success for Jobs and Apple. It was the first assembled desktop from Apple, available in its own case. The Apple II created waves of changes just beyond the technology field. Schools were able to start teaching students programming and it launched a powerful tool of computing education.  It was such a hit in education, Apple took a cue for its commercial path.


Pixar Purchase Circa 1986

After the ousting of the outspoken Jobs from Apple, he looked to foray into another arena of technology. At the time George Lucas owned a small computer graphics department called Pixar. Jobs saw the potential of graphics within the talent available and bought the name from Lucas. Investing another few million of his own funds into the company, Jobs began to immerse within the demand of animation. After a handshake with Disney, Jobs’ animation company churned out amazing wonders like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc. and so much more. Seven years ago, Disney stepped in to purchase Pixar from Jobs, offering him $7.4 billion in stock and adding to his list of greatest achievements. Watch the team at Pixar, including Steve Jobs and actors discussing the innovation of Pixar.


The Evolution of iMac Circa 1998

The minute Jobs walked back into Apple, evolution and innovation became key. Two years after reestablishing his name within the company he created, the iMac was born. Since its inception, the iMac has carried a long-time tradition of  glowing achievements. The iMac, circa 1998 was a key hit. With its candy colored covering, it kicked the boxed-sized computers to the curb. The evolutionary all in one package made it a saver of space. Moving forward through the years continues to show the iMac as a powerhouse creation. Currently, it maintains its worth in a PC market with innovative apps, programs and display resolution. Of course, this draws the demand of the infamous iMac commercial.

The First Apple Store Opens Circa 2001

Jobs knew consumers scoured the crowded aisles of computer stores like CompUSA to locate an Apple. He knew consumers wanted more than limited options presented by the retailer. The only way to keep ahead of the trends and smack down PC was to launch a dedicated Apple store. Glendale, California and McLean, Virginia were the first two locations. Consumers flocked to the stores and lines went around the block. In 2001, Jobs launched a total of 25 retail stores in the United States. The employees were heartily trained on all things Apple, and entered the innovation creation called the Genius Bar. The Apple stores still receive a healthy dose of consumer visits. There are now over 400 stores in over 12 countries. Here is a video of Jobs introducing the first Apple store.

iPhone Launches Circa 2007

Yes, iTunes was launched in 2005 and it made incredible waves. There are multitude of accomplishments completed by Jobs. One of his greatest achievements that continue to carry on is the iPhone. Launched originally in 2007, the iPhone 3G impacted the consumer purchase market unlike any other device, including the BlackBerry. Jobs described it as a wide-screen iPod, and consumers flocked to stores to immediately purchase this intriguing device. In a field of keyboards, the touchscreen and apps included drew crowds by the millions across the globe. The iPhone continues to mark and break records with innovative steps. The iPhone 5S/5C launch resulted in 9 million handsets being sold its first weekend. Here is a series of the first iPhone commercials.

Steve Jobs accomplished amazing feats unknown to the technological industry. He was an innovator and many feel upon his death two years ago, innovation may have died with him. The forever legacy of Steve Jobs is merely a glance with these five greatest achievements of the Apple king. May Apple remember its founder in more ways than one, especially his passion and drive for innovation and change.



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