Taylor Lautner Shows Off New Tattoos and Prepares for Tracers

Taylor Lautner Fast and Furious 7

The rebel werewolf from The Twilight Saga Taylor Lautner gears up for his upcoming movie Tracers. This handsome dude from Twilight will show off parkour skills and once again charm everybody with a body to kill. After brief romances with Selena to Swift to Sara, Taylor is busy on the set of Tracers. He was much in news for having a series of cute girlfriends rather than movies in post Twilight days. Now, he gears up again to spawn another rage with looks and acting.

In this thrilling rom com, Taylor stars as Cam, a bike messenger. He gets involved with the dark world of parkour during a time of debts and bad patches. Leaving behind the days of playing second fiddle to vampire Edward, Taylor Jacob Lautner is here to bewitch girls once again. Tracers is an american thriller movie by director Daniel Benmayor, slated to be released in 2014.

“The action difficulty is through-the-roof because most people think parkour is just, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s just running and jumping off of walls and buildings or something.’ But they take it very seriously,” Lautner revealed smilingly. “If a parkour artist heard you say that, they’d be very offended. I mean, it is an art form to them. It required a lot”, he adds. He’s too busy to prepare himself for Tracers.

Lautner thinks Tracers wasn’t just an excuse to show off a new skill.  In his words, “This movie is a great mix [of acting and physicality]. I really wanted to do something that was different for me.” He said to a media. “When I read Tracers, it was unlike anything I had done before. It’s a very character-driven movie. It’s dramatic. My character’s journey throughout the thing is really crazy. It’s challenged me as an actor, but also the physical side as well. It’s a really good combination.”

Lautner (and his stunt double) got pretty physical while shooting a street side fight scene with a muscled-up costar. He was snapped getting beaten up (pretend, of course) on the hood of a parked car for the head-to-head scene.

The role of Cam also required Lautner to get a few new tattoos in addition to his new moves, but luckily for him, the five or six pieces of body art that the character flaunts are only temporary for the actor.  He sported a wolf symbol tattoo to depict a werewolf character. It was tribal sign. Now, once again he will show off tattoos to make us spellbound.

“I’ve gotten so used to them,” Lautner said. “I don’t know if I’d be able to do it — definitely not like this — in my life, but that’s what I love about acting. You get to do things and get away things that you would never be able to.”

“Tracers” opens in theaters next year. We’ll see Taylor Lautner showing off new tattoos. For now he prepares himself for ‘Tracers’. The teenager werewolf Jacob Black is Grown Up now. Tracers is another treat for fans and also for ‘Team Jacob’ members. Many critics still believe Taylor is the best thing Hollywood obtained from Twilight’. Now, Taylor has to prove his worth.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul




3 Responses to "Taylor Lautner Shows Off New Tattoos and Prepares for Tracers"

  1. tara   October 12, 2013 at 1:23 am

    Taylor is a beautiful guy inside and out.

  2. Mattie   October 8, 2013 at 8:04 am

    I love just looking at him and his tattoos, if he ever got a real one like on his shoulder are chest. He’ll just be to cool and sexy for me. Help me! Can’t wait for Tracers

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