Miley Cyrus Talking Trash on Twitter but Not on Today Show

Miley Cyrus talking trash on Twitter but not on Today Show.

No one likes a hypocrite, much less someone who is two-faced. Miley Cyrus’ very public social media feud with Sinead O’Connor has seen her talking trash on her Twitter account repeatedly. She has made fun of the 46 year-old Irish singer who she claimed was her inspiration for Wrecking Ball. Her behaviour on Twitter has been horrible, but not on the Today Show. When speaking from the hot seat, she “waxed lyrical” about Sinead O’Connor.

Like the old joke goes, denial is not just a river in Egypt, it was also in Miley’s interview. She decided to heap lots of praise on Sinead after slamming her on Twitter and getting help from some of her professional friends. She also managed to enrage several mental health groups after the 20 year-old pop star likened O’Connor to Amanda Bynes. But on the Today Show, she basically denied all of these actions.

Despite Miley being so sweet that “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” she did not do herself any favors in the interview. She did admit that the MTV Video Music Awards furore was exactly what she planned. Her outrageous and over the top sexual hijinks were all thought out and got her the attention she desired.

As she told Matt Lauer, the response was just what she wanted. She said that it had been over a month since the MTV event and she was still the hottest trend going. She also sang the same old song that her manager did and professed that the only folks who were bothered by her act were “old.”

When Lauer asked what age was considered old, the former Hannah Montana replied that 40 was too old. In a misguided attempt to seem cute, she then relayed that she’d heard that by the time you hit 40 years of age your interest in sex trails off. Lauer was amused by this assertion. At 55 Matt is way past the 40 year cut off.

Cyrus still insists that she is not bothered by how the public see her or how they perceive the “growing pains” she exhibits. But considering the amount of trash talking that Miley did on her Twitter account, she must be more bothered than she lets on. While she was very well behaved, overall, on the Today Show, she did nothing to really make up for her denigration of Sinead O’Connor.

Miley is doing the required publicity in the run up to her Bangerz album release on Tuesday, October 8. That could explain her “forgiving” and “respectful” attitude towards her nemesis O’Connor when the subject was broached by Lauer.

She claimed that she still thinks Sinead is an “incredible artist” and that her songwriting skills are “awesome.” She still maintained that O’Connor was the inspiration for her Wrecking Ball video. She said the the Nothing Compares 2 U singer had, in essence, came across as not liking Miley and she then said, “I’m a big fan…It’s all good.”

While that sounds good on television, it is the opposite of what Cyrus has been saying on Twitter. Her trash talking on the social media website has enraged Sinead O’Connor to the extent that she has threatened legal action. But Sinead is not the only person upset by Miley’s behaviour, mental health groups across the globe are furious. It could well be that the pop star’s appearance on the Today Show was meant to be some sort of apology. If so, she should have been a bit clearer. All she really accomplished was to make herself appear to be a hypocrite.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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