Numbers Are Against Getting Breast Cancer

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Congratulations! If you are a woman, you are most likely going to go your whole life without ever getting breast cancer. That’s right; seven out of eight women will never get breast cancer according to national statistics. That means 88% of women can relax and probably influence the other possible 12% to reduce their stress as well, as stress leads to more acidity in the body which heightens the risk for creating cancer. The truth is, the numbers are against getting breast cancer, not for it.

If you exercise, eat well and maintain a positive attitude you have even more going for you.  Though they say risk goes up if you are over-weight and drink alcohol regularly, risk also goes down with a happy disposition, exercise, avoiding cigarettes, increase in dietary greens and breastfeeding.  With all the hype about the possibility for getting cancer of the breast, even though the numbers are fairly low, more women stress about diagnosis than is necessary, creating a larger chance that the stuff of their fears will manifest.

Quantum physics repeatedly declares that reality shifts with observation.  This is not just in the quantum world folks, as below so above – etc.  What this means is – if it happens on a molecular level – it happens to every molecule, including and emphasizing the ones in your brain, which are thoughts.  Mental constructs create realities. Repeatedly fearing possible breast cancer and checking for it has a better chance of creating it in someone who would probably not get it than doing nothing and knowing you are healthy and well.

If you look at the statistics and you are into that kind of thing, you must realize that the numbers are against your ever getting breast cancer.  No matter what.  Rather than fear the near impossible tragedy that everyone wants to prevent, why not relish in the healthy state you are in while trusting that most women never face such an experience and life is more glorious and kind than one could imagine.

The healthiest way to treat one’s breasts is by constantly affirming they are perfect, whole and complete.  Feed the body sound nutrition, reduce the hours bras are worn and increase lymphatic draining exercises – not out of fear of what might happen if you don’t – but rather out of joy for how great it feels to treat yourself with loving respect and bliss.

Numbers are against most women ever getting breast cancer; that’s right.  Almost 90% of women never have any issue with their breasts and shouldn’t worry.  As for the other women, the numbers would probably be less if the worry went down and the constant need for observation and fear of genetic inheritance went away.  The body is created to be a self-healing mechanism.  When we trust it to be as such and don’t buy into fear – it is amazing what can be accomplished.  Preventative medicine is great, expanded awareness and inner trust is better.

By: Stasia Bliss


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