Apple iPad Air Release Date, Specs and Features

technology, apple, ipad, ipad air, ipad mini, retina, release date features, specs

technology, apple, ipad, ipad air, ipad mini, retina, release date features, specs

Announced just on the 22 of October, the iPad Air is slowly approaching its release date. November 1 will see the release of the newest iPad generation hitting store shelves and carrier websites. AT&T customers are provided a preview of the iPad Air with two payment options; the 2-year contract price and the AT&T Next plan installment payments. The largest mobile carrier has no specific date for the iPad mini with Retina, labeling it as coming soon- late November. While the iPad event did not draw the same crowds as the iPhone 5S/5C announcement, many people are still wondering about its specs and features. Wonder no more! Below is a sample of the soon to be released iPad Air.

iPad Air Release Date, Specs and Features

Specs & Features

The iPad Air is being called the lightest iPad ever. With a thickness of 7.5mm and weighing around a pound, it truly is an easy to carry tablet. The iPad Air may cause some winces when it comes to the price  – ranging from $499 to $929, many customers may be looking for carrier, installment, finance options. There will be no pre-orders expected until the official launch of the tablet. While lines steadily increased for the iPhone 5S Gold, it is not expected those same lines will appear for the iPad Air.

  • The display remains a 9.7-inches and keeps its impressive resolution of 2048 x1536.
  • The data transfer rate is boosted in part to the new MIMI 802.11n support. With this step, the iPad Air will not support 802.11ac.
  • Many predicted the camera on the iPad Air may get a boost to 8-megapixels. It remains the 5-megapixel feature as on the iPad 4. The camera does receive an improvement in low-light quality picture taking. The front camera received a tweak for larger pixels for clearer FaceTime gossiping meets.
  • Apple loves to play mums the word when it comes to battery time, but the average seems to be 10 hours of active use.
  • An Apple fan will love iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynotes are all now free on the iPad Air. Many iOS devices received this amazing feature after September 1 of this year.
  • Apple is touting the dual microphones on the iPad Air. Sound capture and collect sound work together to create a clearer connection to Siri and FaceTime chatters. The speaker twins work to suppress background noise to avoid getting frustrated with Siri commands.
  • Both the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina will have 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of memory storage selections.

iPad Air Release Date, Specs and Features


iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina will both have the Wi-Fi versions and WiFi + Cellular versions for sale. iPad Air will start the sales craze November 1, excited mini fans will have to wait until later in November for the release of the iPad mini 2. With enhanced speakers, lighter and thinner handling plus the free built-in apps, are you looking forward to embracing the specs and features of the newest iPad Air?


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