iPhone 5 Gets Serious Waterproof Protection

The Preserver Series colors

Otterbox announces new waterproof iPhone 5 Preserver Series cases which promises to offer serious protection like never before. Otterbox is one of the leading phone case manufactures especially now because of the addition of  Lifeproof, another strong phone case manufacturer. On October 15th they showed off their new Preserver Series cases for the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4. Otterbox offers piece of mind with a phone case that offers complete protection and functionality.

“We take our smartphones with us everywhere, and Otterbox is dedicated to making these activities as worry-free as possible.” Says Otterbox CEO Brian Thomas. “The Preserver Series is dependable, seriously waterproof protection that you can trust.”

Button protection

The Preserver Series provides protection from light sprinkles to full submersion as well as protection from being dropped. The official press release for the Preserver Series says that the new cases are “fully submersible up to 6.6 ft. for 30 minutes” and can withstand “drops up to 6.6 ft.” For the few unfortunate ones that have had problems with buttons or ports due to dust or similar particles the Preserver Series also offers dust protection and blocks dust and debris from entering any ports or buttons.


Port protectionThe serious protection of the Preserver Series comes from the intuitive design which comes in two pieces that snap together for supreme protection and convenience. The built-in screen protector guards the vibrant display from scratches without inhibiting touch sensitivity.” Even the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S retains its usability.

Otterbox encourages you to live adventurously without worrying about your phone all the time. “Your adventures don’t just lead you to water. The ground is hard everywhere. This highly protective case is built to prevail over the drops, dings and bruises that happen when you don’t hesitate to leap into the action.” If the dependability of your smartphone plays a large role in your everyday life then Otterbox offers serious protection that will keep it safe and waterproof for whatever your needs are.

Less than half a year ago Otterbox purchased the company Lifeproof that has also been making protective cases for phones. No doubt the addition of Lifeproof has added to the phisical prowess Otterbox. The addition of Lifeproof will give Otterbox a stronger grasp over the protective case market but also allow for the two to grow stronger as one company, they are bringing two of the best protective case companies into one and the result is the Preserver Series.

Prices for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have not yet been released however the iPhone 5 Preserver Series case already available for shipping and priced at $89.95. Each case in the Preserver Series also includes an adjustable lanyard. If $89.95 is too steep for you, you can save up to 15% on Otterbox.com by using the coupon code AM2012. Otterbox also offers, “free domestic smartpost shipping on orders over $69.95” and comes in four different colors except for the iPhone 5C, which only comes in “Glacier.”

Preserver Series case


Written By: Garrett Jutte

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