iPhone 5S Showing Signs of Short Supply

iPhone 5S Showing Signs of Short Supply

Gold iPhone 5S In Short Supply

Hours after being made available in stores across Australia, Asia, and parts of Europe, Apple’s gold iPhone 5S is already showing signs of short supply.

It is reported that retail stores and outlets have very limited quantities of that color in all its three storage space variants – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, costing $649, $749 and $849 for the unlocked models. One Apple outlet in Clarendon, VA ran out as early as its third customer in line, several hours before stores in the U.S. open at 8am local time.

Apple’s online store has indicated that all three colors for the iPhone 5S were available, with the grey and silver models ready to ship within “1-3 business days” and the gold model starting at “7-10 days”, but quickly changing to say “October”. Apple did not offer any pre-orders for the higher-end 5S models, with online and outlet sales only beginning today. And as of this writing, the iPhone 5S stock seems to be dwindling rapidly.

The iPhone 5S boasts a much faster 64-bit A7 processor, an M7 co-processor, a fingerprint sensor, and a greatly improved camera.

The iPhone 5C, however, seems to be in ample supply for both online and in-stores. The more affordable model has specs almost similar to last year’s iPhone 5. It is priced one hundred dollars less than the 5S at $549 and $649 for the 16 and 32GB, respectively. The 5C was available for pre-orders as early as last week and was even being offered on release-day delivery for a short time.

There is much speculation surrounding the short supply of the 5S. Some say that suppliers are having difficulty delivering the fingerprint sensor on time at such high volume, while some insiders from networks in the United Kingdom suspect that the scarcity of the 5S models is purposely being used to drive sales towards the lower end iPhone 5C.

There are also emerging reports that in response to the shortage, Apple has asked its suppliers to increase the production for the gold iPhone 5S. They are adding an additional 30% to their order, according to sources.

Many predicted that this launch wouldn’t fare as well as the previous iPhone launches, but queues for this product all over the world tell a different story. Apple fans have been lining up at the stores for this new iPhone release, before it was even announced on September 10. There have been reports of fans in New York lining up as early as September 6.

Those who have received units for review pre-release have high praise for the 5S. Many reviewers have reported being “blown away” by this “smartest smartphone yet”. Each one had their own personal favorite feature of the 5S, ranging from the fingerprint sensor, to the largely improved camera, to the processor, and even its improved LTE compatibility.

The iPhone 5C had its own share of rave reviews as well, showing a marked improvement on performance over the iPhone 5. However, many felt that it was still essentially the old model in a new “unapologetically plastic” case.

Written By: Racquel Narciso

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