Breaking Bad Buries Walter White

Breaking Bad Buries Walter White

Since 2008 fans have followed the beloved series, Breaking Bad, but on September 29, in the season finale, Breaking Bad buried its main character, Walter White, a move which is now causing much controversy. Why? Because producers of the show actually buried Walter White on October 19 at 4:30pm. This burial came complete with a coffin and placed tombstone that reads “Walter White – Beloved husband, father, teacher, and entrepreneur.”

Breaking Bad is a series whose main character, Walter White (played by actor Bryan Cranston), turns to crime to support his family. In the beginning Walter discovers that he has fatal cancer and in turn searches for a way to provide support to his family, even after he’s gone. As a chemistry teacher his solution was to produce and sell methamphetamine. Walter goes through many struggles throughout five seasons of the show Breaking Bad, only to die in the end. But was it necessary for Breaking Bad fans to actually “bury him”.

The series was set and produced in the city of Albuquerque, NM. When the series first began, many residents of Albuquerque praised the series, as it brought tourists to the city and boosted their economic situation. But now the attracted tourism is being scorned by Albuquerque’s residents because the attraction is bringing Breaking Bad fans to the Sunset Memorial Park cemetery.

After the series finale the Albuquerque Journal posted an obituary for the fictional character, White, which then sparked the idea for the burial. Fan Jackamoe Buzzell created the funeral in order to pay tribute to Walter and give him a final resting place.  He started by calling the cemetery and the restaurant to make arrangements and then went from there until the actual funeral was created.

The funeral precession began at the cross placed alongside the road where Walter was shot and buried, then led to the place where Walter was laid to rest in the cemetery. The set director, Michael Flowers, delivered the eulogy and the reception was held at a local restaurant. The actual funeral, which included only a small number of fans, drew in proceeds of over $11,000 that was donated to the Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless fund, who sponsored the event. This act of charity resulting from Walter White’s burial gave many people great joy.

But many residents whose loved ones are buried in the cemetery feel differently. They are offended at the fact that the fictional character, Walter White, was buried next to their non-fictional loved ones. As the home of Walter White receives 10,000 cars driving in per month, residents of Albuquerque are also concerned that the “grave site” will bring in the same amount of visitors, causing the area to be packed.

Some residents do, however, believe that the fake burial of Walter White is good publicity for the cemetery, and state that it is an honor to have so many visitors in the park.

As outrage continues to be expressed by many residents, cemetery officials have assured everyone that if the tourism gets too out of hand at Sunset Memorial Park the grave site will be taken out.

Until then the grave site will remain in tact and fans can visit the site to pay their respects to the fictional character. Although Walter White’s character may have died, his memory lives on in the hearts of people everywhere and in the Sunset Memorial Park.


Written by: Crystal Boulware

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