Kanye West Blows off Vancouver Concert Last Minute

Kanye West Blows off Vancouver Concert Last Minute

Kanye West Blows off Vancouver Concert Last Minute

Kanye West blew off his Vancouver, Canada concert at the last minute. His reason for calling it off, was officially, down to a stolen truck full of equipment. The vehicle was said to have be stolen while Yeezus and his entourage were getting ready to leave Seattle, Washington late on Saturday evening.

This information was passed on by unnamed sources who are attached to Rogers Arena in Vancouver. But another website have reported that the incident was a fabrication made up by the 36 year-old performer to cover for something that Kim Kardashian had done. Allegedly, Kim Kardashian was the “incident” that caused the rapper to be late leaving Seattle.

With all the fracas that erupted when Kim posted her swimsuit picture, amid claims that the sefie was not at all spontaneous and that West had helped his girlfriend pick a picture to post, fans could be forgiven for believing the worst. Kanye has been giving his baby’s mother a lot of support, although mainly for his girl to get a Hollywood star on the sidewalk, but he would never diss his fans in such a fashion. Arrogant he may be, but, he is still a professional.

The Vancouver show, which was supposed to be on Sunday, Oct. 20, was put off via a news release at roughly 2:30 p.m. which said the concert would be rearranged for Oct 31. The statement, released by Canucks Sports and Entertainment, actually did not give a specific reason, citing unforeseen “circumstances” as the cause.

While some have been speculating as to what the real reason was for the postponing of the Vancouver show, others have denied that any equipment went missing and that the real reason had nothing to do with Kardashian either. One helpful chap pointed out that by the time the Seattle concert had finished and all the roadies had packed up all 22 trucks with equipment there was no way they could have made it to Vancouver on time.

The denizens of Vancouver can take some solace in having to wait 11 days till the Yeezus singer returns, West will not be resting on his laurels while not performing his Canadian gig. Instead he’ll be doing two “back-to-back” performances at the Los Angeles Staples Center before he starts back over the border.

Canadian fans could be forgiven for thinking that Kanye West had callously blown off their Vancouver Concert at the last minute. Especially after news of the singer’s reply on Twitter to Kim Kardashian’s selfie, which was “coming right home.” This could not have been the “incident” attributed to Kim, as stated above, West is a professional.

Speaking of Twitter and social networking, West’s fans immediately surged onto their accounts to tweet their dissatisfaction at being “dissed” by the singer. Although to be fair only a few did the Twitter version of “wagging their finger” at Kanye. The overall message was one of appeasement at the last minute cancellation. Most likely many were soothed by the knowledge that their tickets would still be good on Halloween when the rapper returns.

Of course all that acceptance could vanish if fans who cannot make it back for the Oct. 31 rescheduled show don’t receive any sort of recompense. Apart from the promise to hold the concert at the end of the month, no word about compensation has been mentioned by the West camp.

Regardless of the reason that Kanye West blew off the Vancouver concert at the last minute, he has promised to make it up to his Canadian fans. When he returns with his retinue to Rogers Arena, he will return with a “special set.” On Oct. 31 he will perform four Halloween themed songs, as well as he planned set, based on covers by the Dead Kennedys; the Shaggs; Ministry, and Siouxie and the Banshees. The fans were told to keep their tickets from the cancelled show and they can use them to attend the new Halloween show.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom