John Bohner and the Republican Party’s Shutdown Doesn’t Mean Anything

John Bohner and the Republican Party's Shutdown Doesn't Mean Anything


The government shut down does not really mean anything. We are simply witnessing the death of old fear and old patterns, releasing us into a higher state of awareness and consciousness. In some ways you could say the end is nigh, but, really, its the birth of something better.

What we are witnessing, in our slightly dysfunctional government, is a fight of ideology, to some extent, but as if they are children on an elementary school yard. This is a squabble over the control of the public interest, funds, and direction. The influence of which is all pervasive as a citizen of this country.

The question is not about bigger government vs smaller government, nor about state’s rights vs federal control, nor simply about social programs, the question is what are we doing as individuals. I am speaking to an idea beyond the larger representative body, I am speaking to your individual freedom.

Self-governance, self-reliance, self-direction; these are the attributes to which I am speaking. Why do we give away our power? To not think? To not be bothered? To remain ignorant of what a few people decide to do, in creating and enforcing law?

This is a fundamental dilemma, one that was on the minds of our founding fathers: who has the right to rule and why? The world we find ourselves in was created by a tiny few that had fooled enough people into giving them power and they used it to create and enforce systems that keep us distracted. Distracted by ownership, by money, by security, by acquisition, by consumerism, and by entertainment.

The fact that Republicans have forced a partial shutdown of the federal government, and seem to be heading towards the cliff of the debt ceiling issue, is all high drama. By this, I mean, the literary sense of drama, the story of the inevitability of death. It doesn’t help that the Democrats, and present administration, have been unable to handle the amount of individuals who want to get affordable healthcare. Whether “right” or “wrong” we are witnessing the death of how our political system and process has been.

It is a tangled web, this whole issue, and while it might be easy to say that the government is there to assist the least amongst its citizens; what does that mean for the individual? Government is the collective resource in order to take care of basic human rights. The idea of what those rights are has changed throughout history, but is it so unthinkable to imagine that every human being has the right to shelter, food, and healthcare? When these basic human survival needs are taken care of are we not bettered by what humans can achieve?

The Affordable Care Act is still a far cry from Universal Healthcare, but it is a step towards making sure that healthcare is one of the basic rights of all Americans. You would think that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world we could, collectively, afford to give every citizen shelter to call their own, food to eat, and healthcare to take care of them.

While there are some who would create the “freeloader” argument, that someone would be complacent and unproductive with sitting in their free apartment, eating their free food, and getting there free healthcare; I contend that no human being is every satisfied with a mediocre life. Yet, I also say, who can truly judge someone as complacent if they are writing a great novel, or spend their whole life writing poetry? We cannot know the value of one’s life, but is it not in our best interests, collectively, to allow an individual the freedom from survival so that they can bring their greatest creativity to bear upon the world?

Yet, let us not lose sight of the original argument, the shutdown, or the collapse of the federal government, has little real meaning. It is a play, a drama, out there on the media stage, it is no more real than a scripted television show, though we will feel the growing pains of redistributing the load the federal government bears if it really comes down to it. It may look some major issue as we look ahead, but, in reality, it will be the growing pains of redistribution of jobs and the reorganization of states, perhaps territories as well.

Regardless, nothing that happens in these circus events has any real means on our lives. They may precipitate the climate which changes the circumstances of our lives, but they cannot change our lives. Right or wrong, the only think that truly matters is that you think and can take responsibly for your actions or inactions, as the case may be.


Written by: Iam Bloom

Fox News

6 Responses to "John Bohner and the Republican Party’s Shutdown Doesn’t Mean Anything"

  1. Mark   October 10, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    I strongly agree with nearly everything Joe said in response to this article. I wanted to point out that the article is an Op-Ed. Thus the writer is not a journalist and doesn’t need to stick to the facts. Instead of screaming in the comments about how much you don’t like the story, I strongly suggest that people contact the Las Vegas Guardian and let the paper know that this story is of no value to you and that you want to see real news coverage.

  2. andrew   October 10, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Thank you joe, for putting this fallacy laden article in its place!

  3. liz   October 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Wow. And I thought the right wing nuts were against drugs!! Whatever they are taking, it clearly has them detached from reality.

  4. sandy   October 9, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    As long as the Members Only Congressional Gym is open, who care about a shutdown?

  5. Terrence Fullington   October 9, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Its childesh games that need to stop

  6. Joe   October 9, 2013 at 6:52 am

    “The government shut down does not really mean anything” Is this guy serious? The government shut down has lead to thousands of children enrolled in the headstart program being denied of the preparation they deserve. Families of U.S. Soldiers from being unable to bury their loved ones who died fighting for this country. Veterans left with their hands empty for serving their country without question and the government shutdown doesn’t mean anything? This guy is a journalist? All of the above mentioned. plus more essential programs are unable to provide for its citizens, all because of a bunch of republican cry babies want to kick and scream because they’re not getting what they want. This was their tactic then, still their tactic now. Thousands of government employees are not getting paid while the ones responsible in congress are still getting their pockets lined and their stomachs filled. Good job, U.S Republicans. I hope this country finally opens it’s eyes and see that the people you vote for and choose as your “government” are generally human trash who are motivated by monetary gains rather than looking out for their people. Children, elders and hard workers are suffering because of ignorance, greed and pride.

    “Regardless, nothing that happens in these circus events has any real means on our live”
    Maybe not your life, but don’t ever speak on behalf of the people who know nothing of in the daily grind.

    Who the hell let this guy publish this garbage?


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