Justin Bieber and Plastic People

PlasticToby Sheldon, a 33 year-old Los Angeles resident, has spent the past five years and somewhere around $100,000 to look like his favorite baby-faced celebrity. Beginning as hair treatments and turning into hordes of plastic surgery, Sheldon has initiated the transformation from 33 year-old grown man to 19 year-old tween idol, Justin Bieber. Sheldon has begun a revamp to become a plastic person.

In 2008, the fair skinned, fair haired songwriter wanted to do something about his thinning hairline. He spent $8,000 on implants to supplement his blonde locks but wasn’t happy with the outcome and felt his appearance was still lacking. Once pop-singer Justin Bieber hit the airwaves and television stations, pre-pubescent girls were lining up at music stores, concerts and any place they may catch a glimpse of the sweet-faced crooner. While the girls were being wooed from the audience, Sheldon was being wooed from the knives of surgeons.

Sheldon made a decision to replace his face with another, brought a picture of his pop-star idol to his doctor’s office and began a remodel. Admittedly afraid of aging, this 33 year-old super fan has had Botox in his forehead, eye surgery to lift his lids, a recreated smile and liposuction on his chin.

It is reported that the golden-haired devotee was most impressed with Justin Bieber’s smile, telling one magazine his smile is the one thing that gives Bieber a “youthful” appearance. Using that smile as motivation for his most recent surgery, Toby Sheldon has taken obsession to an unbelievable level.

With more surgeries looming, Sheldon has not reached a stopping point as of yet. Wanting to transform himself into another person and take the face already belonging to someone, his plans include a nose job and a jaw reduction. The wanna-be Bieber was quoted as saying these procedures are something “which my surgeon has suggested.” Perhaps instead, someone should suggest a few years of therapy.

The longing to be someone else is not very uncommon; however, the need to do something drastic to achieve that longing is shockingly becoming more of a practice.

A 35 year-old Superman zealot from the Philippines spent the last 16 years of his life having his face altered to look like the man of steel. Skin whitening, nose jobs and abdominal implants are just a fraction of the lengths he has gone to trying to become a real-life superhero.

In New York City, 32 year-old Justin Jedlica has spent $100,000 and over ten years having himself turned into Barbie’s real-life Ken doll. Starting his transformation at 18 years old, this eccentric model claims his costly and dangerous transformation is all an “extension of me being creative.”

Just last week, in a similar story, it was learned that a South Korean girl is obsessed by Australian model, Miranda Kerr; having nose and eye work done as well as spending hours in front of the mirror to look like someone other than who she really is.

This flourishing trend to be someone else, even if only vaguely, seems a desperate length to travel; and for what? To wear a permanent mask, be filled with pseudo-esteem belonging to someone else and to remove yourself from emotional turmoil, even if just for a moment; it will not fix the problems.

Those that live in the world of celebrities, like Justin Bieber, are surrounded by make-up, airbrushing and Photoshop. The unbelievable lengths people go to resemble, vaguely, someone else who may or may not be real is astonishing. What happened to self-love and acceptance? What happened to being comfortable in our own skin? When did airbrushed people become our heroes? At what point did we decide being made of plastic was better than being who we really are?


Editorial Written by: Amy Magness Whatley



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