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Justin Bieber Carried on Great Wall of China so he can Skateboard in Beijing?

Justin Bieber Carried up Great Wall of China so He Could Skateboard in Beijing?

Being Justin Bieber means never having to break a sweat doing things that other people do. It also means that you can get your bodyguards to carry you on that arduous journey to the top of the Great Wall of China. Of course all that carrying was necessary otherwise the 19 year-old Canadian pop star might not have had the energy to skateboard later in Beijing.

On September 30, Justin went to see the iconic Chinese landmark. And his visit was captured for posterity by a few snapshots that were immediately posted on Twitter. One particular picture showed Bieber being carried on two of his bodyguards shoulders. Interestingly enough, once the picture was picked up by the news media and reported on, the picture disappeared from the Twitter stream it was on.

Justin getting carried up the Great Wall of China
That embarrassing picture.

@BelieveTUpdates has been posting photographs of Justin’s activities in China. Riding a bicycle; wearing a policeman’s hat and chilling out; and skateboarding in Beijing after his great wall visit. The pop star has been very busy and it has been captured by the cameras of his “crew” and fans.

But if you want to see the picture of Justin riding high on the wall, you’ll have to look at our copy above. Because if you head over to Twitter, the only pictures you will see of the pop star at the wall is him standing with his feet firmly on the ground. Although one photo looks like Justin is about to ask for a “piggy-back” ride from one of his burly bodyguards.

The photograph of Justin being carried on the Great Wall of China is amusing. It looks like they carried his so he would have enough energy to ride that skateboard in Beijing. The snap shows two people looking down on Justin and friends. One looks as though he has clapped his hand to his face in disbelief.

@BelieveTUpdates also posted a picture of Justin and his Bieber carrying bodyguards at the top of the Wall, hands held high in a gesture of triumph. Most of his fans, seemed to be amused by his lack of participation in climbing to the top.

Some people though, failed to see the humor in the situation. Allegations that Justin was acting like a diva were posted on Twitter. Presumably that is why the tweet was removed. Another fan posted a tweet saying that Bieber had been in a Yahoo article that told of the picture surfacing of his being carried up the wall. That tweet must have prompted the removal of the picture in question.

The other picture of Bieber and his guys showing that they made it has also been removed apparently and replaced with a panoramic view from the wall:

Humble shot by Justin.

There is another picture of Justin skateboarding outside a mall in Beijing. His long suffering bodyguards have to run after Justin while he glides along the road. This picture was also greeted with mirth by Bieber fans who thought it was funny that the guards had to run along side him.

Despite a lot of sites making fun of the pop star, the truth is that Justin is in China as part of his world tour. It was probably a prudent move by his bodyguards to carry him up the Great Wall of China. If Justin had climbed under his own steam, it most likely would have worn him out. And the skateboarding in Beijing? Clearly not as strenuous as the climb and he would still need security around him. It is easy to imagine that Justin was embarrassed at how the picture looked, so it was taken down. Perfectly understandable. He is working after all and not on vacation.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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