Justin Bieber Upper Lip Hair, Drinking Coffee and Slapping Managers (Video)

Justin Bieber Upper Lip Hair, Drinking Coffee and Slapping Managers (Video)

Justin Bieber has posted a video “teaser” trailer for his next movie. In the clip, he sports a new mustache, aka upper lip hair as it really isn’t full enough yet to be called a mustache. He also jokes about drinking coffee now that “he’s a man.” We have the video below for those “Beliebers” who may have missed it. But part of Justin’s move to manhood includes slapping a DJ’s manager in Seoul.

The 19 year-old Canadian pop star is on his world tour at the moment and he has been accused of slapping/punching a manager in the Eden club in South Korea on Friday. DJ Michael Woods made his accusation on his Twitter account where he tweeted that Justin tried to bully the DJ into playing his requests. Wood’s said that after telling Bieber to “F*** off,” the teen heart-throb called to his manager, Alex Madden.

When Madden responded to the call, Bieber allegedly slapped/punched him in the face before running behind a line of his muscled body guards to escape retaliation. Woods tweeted that the singer ran off “like a little p***y.”

The DJ complained that Justin and his thuggish security guards demanded that the DJ play hip-hop instead of his planned set. Woods then told Justin to leave and “put some clothes on.” It was after this that Bieber reportedly struck the DJ’s manager.

But Ben Baller, who hosted the event at the club, denied that Bieber hit anyone. The party’s host did say that there was an argument between the DJ and Bieber, but that it never got physical. Justin’s rep did not remark on the accusation. If true, it is just another incident to be added to a long list of misbehaviour that the young star has reportedly indulged in.

It has been confirmed that the club allowed Justin to take over as DJ so he could play hip-hop after Woods finished his set. There was an allegation that Bieber had ordered one of his bodyguards to punch Alex Madden and that he refused. After the refusal, Justin apparently decided to get physical himself.

The pop singer has had quite a few accusations this year on bullying paparazzi and patrons at nightclubs; as well as a man who was beaten in a club parking lot over a necktie. Thus far, neither the “assaulted manager” nor his client have pressed charges against Justin for the alleged slap/punch. The “injured” party, Alex Madden, could not be reached for comment after the incident.

But Justin’s fans will not want to hear about any managers that he may or may not have slapped. They will instead be focussed on the video trailer he’s just released on YouTube featuring his hairy upper lip and pretending to be walking down stairs. The video finishes with the hashtag #BelieveMovie followed by, “In Theaters this Christmas.”

The humorous 36 second clip, shows that Justin can make fun of himself and likes to have a laugh while publicising the follow-on to his first film Never Say Never. Justin does have a sense of humor as he’s shown repeatedly on Funny or Die. The pop star was just recently on the Funny or Die website again, where he appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. He acted as straight man to Zach’s presenter who, at one point, takes his belt off to give Justin a spanking.

Regardless of how many accusations that Justin Bieber faces for his “thuggish” behaviour, he still knows how to please his fans. His teaser video, with his upper lip hair and coffee drinking will excite his legion of followers. The alleged manager slapping incident, if proven, will do little to diminish his popularity with diehard fans. You can see the teaser video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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