Justin Bieber’s Music Is All That Matters

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, 19 year old Canadian pop star, is focusing on his raison d’être; building his brand of music.  He knows it’s all that matters.  Today he released his new single aptly titled with these very words.   All That Matters will appear in the new documentary that showcases his life and music being readied for release on December 25th.  The uber famous star is channeling press to his core skill; his music.  The documentary, Believe, is full length and intersperses concert footage with interviews to build a portrait of the singer’s success.

As a charismatic performer but still an adolescent, Bieber is aware that he needs to mature to survive the next decade.  Parading his 20 body tattoos to adoring concert goers, owning a pet monkey and presenting floppy hairstyles is not, on its own, going to be enough.

In a provocative bid to prove the legitimacy of his music, Justin Bieber has announced that he will release one new song each Monday from now until the release of Believe in December.  The second of the ten songs in the Music Monday’s program was released today.  With a soulful and catchy tune, light instrumental back up and his appealing young voice, All That Matters can be purchased or played on the internet.  It’s good.  So was last week’s song, Heartbreaker which was equally well received.

Bieber’s Twitter account has in excess of 20 million fans.  The brand is strong, but what matters is more than this.  His new marketing plan has been carefully designed and managed and it’s taken hard work and focus by the star to make it a success, which it is so far.  The new songs showcase a compendium of cutting edge R&B sounds that suggest fame and fortune have not reduced Bieber to a passing fad.  His sound and his sincerity are maturing.  The monkey has gone.

Justin Bieber’s music is now all that matters. Bieber turns 20 in March; he needs an authentic role in the adult music world.  As Beliebers, the mega number of teen fans, mature alongside their heartthrob, they will doubtless flock to see Believe. This marketing campaign of Music Monday’s tracks will have been feeding their iPod’s for ten weeks.  Bieber’s more settled melodies will suit their age group.  Online chatter is summarized by repeated fan posts screaming, “I can’t wait!”

Twitter notes that the new song has stormed, “to #1 on iTunes around the world.”  Justin Bieber’s uncertain relationship with the beautiful Selena Gomez was likely the core of the composition.  First seen together in November 2011, the relationship slowed down but was back in December last year.   It’s unclear whether the stars are still romantically involved but Ms Gomez currently appears with heartthrob George Shelley, from the British Band Union J.   Justin explained on his website that today’s release, All That Matters, is intended as medicine for teens with a broken heart, just like him.  The singer explained, “I worked so hard on this song in the studio – trying to put that feeling into music was extremely important to me.”

The doc will be released by the new company, Open Road, launched two years ago by industry vet, Tom Ortenberg along with support from theater chains, AMC and Regal.  Justin Bieber’s music is all that matters as he grows up with his fantastically famous brand.

By Vicky Judah

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