Kanye Says No to Prenup with Kim [video]

Love Trumps Money

Love Trumps MoneyKanye West is so elated that Kim accepted the offer to be his wife that he’s not even considering a prenup. Even with Kim’s track record Kanye says no to prenup because it’s tacky and insensitive. He doesn’t want to risk offending his bride to be.

Although this is Kanye’s first marriage it’s number three for Kim. None of that matters with Kanye. He is elated that Kim agreed to marry him.

Kanye said that last thing he’s thinking about is money. He and his bride have more money than they could spend and Kanye said he would rather focus on the love they have right now than spoil it with a prenup.

Kanye who is 36-years-old said he’s waited all his life for this moment; while Kim who is 33-years-old hopes that the third time is a charm.

A source told Hollywood.com that Kanye is so in love with Kim it’s scary. Their love is past the point of infatuation and is so powerful. Kanye said he wants to share all of his money and accomplishments with his bride-to-be. He wants no strings attached.

He loves his family too much for a prenup and wants to make sure his wife and daughter are taken care of should something happen to him.

Kanye has been known for many things throughout his time in the spotlight but a family man was never one of them. He was basically a momma’s boy but now he’s grown to be the perfect family man. He said his family is all about love and nothing else matters.

Kanye wanted to make Kim’s birthday so special; one that she would never forget. So Mr. West proposed to her and it seems his gift of engagement was the best present of the day.

Kim has been on cloud nine ever since. She said she couldn’t have asked for anything better to culminate her day. Her and her groom-to-be are in a great season of life. Baby North is happy and healthy and their engagement seals the deal.

Kanye’s over the top proposal was picture perfect for the rap and reality star. Kanye managed to pull off the engagement by renting out a full baseball stadium for the surprise. He flew Kim to San Francisco and immediately blind folded her. Then he took her straight to the home of the Giants.

The superstar had a full orchestra playing one of Kim’s favorite songs, “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey. Then Kanye took his stance in the center of the field; down on bended knee. He not only popped the question but did so with a flawless 15 carat diamond ring.

As Kanye began the proposal the stadium’s jumbotron read in big letters, “PLEEEASE MAARRY MEEE!!!”

Kanye asked Kris Jenner beforehand for permission to propose. Of course she said yes. Kris along with the rest of the family and close friends were hiding in the park while the proposal took place. They all ran out to congratulate the couple while Roman candles and fireworks flooded the sky to conclude the celebration.

With a proposal of that magnitude we can only imagine what the wedding ceremony will look like. Rumor has it, even though Kim said if she was ever to get married again she wanted a small intimate ceremony, the couple is planning a wedding as big as the capital. It is sure to be an extravagant event.

Kanye is so happy to be hitched to Kim that he refuses to ruin it with the thought of a prenup. He said he loves and trusts his soon-to-be bride and won’t insult her with that idea. This family of three is in heaven and as it stands now Kanye West says no to a prenup.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)



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