Kate Middleton’s Turkish Affair

Turkish Affair of Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sweet affair, first noticed during her pregnancy, surprisingly boosted the Turkish economy as reported by Turkish Anadolu Agency.  Kate Middleton fell in love with Turkish figs,  stopped feeling morning sickness and gave birth to a wonderfully healthy baby, George. She also became a self appointed volunteer for the promotion of the delicious and vitamin rich fruits.

Turkish fig producers have many reasons to be grateful to the Duchess of Cambridge. After she mentioned that figs from Bursa had helped ease her morning sickness, export sales immediately increased. Happy for the Duchess’ recovery and hoping for the best for themselves, many people began buying  luscious,  giant figs from Turkey. According to the Anadolu agency,  fig exports to England jumped over 53 percent soon after The Daily Mail reported Kate Middleton’s fruity affair.

English men and women were not the only people influenced by the Duchess’ pregnancy tastes. New Zealanders followed suit, as well as many Israelis, Bosnians, Herzegovinians and even people from the United Arab Emirates.

As a result of Kate Middleton’s unexpected but successful endorsement  of Turkish figs, the sales by Turkish fig producers’ reached a record-high total of over $32 million dollars  for the  season.

It is unclear if all or any of these very consumable fruits helped other pregnant women to ease their symptoms of  morning sickness.  Figs are however very nutritious, they contain vitamins A and B and are a good source of potassium, calcium and iron. It is as if someone actually created them especially for pregnant women who often experience deficiencies of calcium and iron. To increase the absorption rate of iron, it is better to eat figs with fruits containing vitamin C.

Pregnant women are not the only people who are claiming to enjoy healthful benefits by eating figs. Some people have claimed, for example that figs help with the nausea and headaches from hangovers . Perhaps what fig producers need now is for at least one heavy-drinking celebrity to reveal the secrets of fig morning-after hangover remedies. Fig exports may be skyrocketing but so far, figs account for only 18 percent of the total Turkish fruit and vegetable exports.

Figs are fragile and easily bruised, this makes them almost impossible to transport.  The dark purple, almost black,  gigantic fruit from Bursa, the figs that helped the Duchess of Cambridge assuage her morning nausea during pregnancy are the one exception. The Duchess did not go into the details of how she ate them; she said only that she did so in the morning. It is well known, that figs are delicious fresh, baked, and even dried. Dry fruits are especially rich in pectin,  contain soluble fiber and help to control cholesterol levels.

Figs were among the first fruit trees that people planted and grew deliberately. Some experts have suggested that they were first cultivated in the Middle East about 11,000 years ago. Nonetheless, a little “boost” from Her Royal Highness could never hurt.  Quite to the  contrary, it is very good business to advertise that even members of the Royal family, who can afford the best, are having a love affair with figs. Kate Middleton bestowed a huge favor on  Turkish fruit sellers. Perhaps the Duchess deserves a free lifetime of this biblical fruit in return.

By Alsu Salakhutdinov

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