National Parks are Closed

YSMany people going out to the 401 National Parks all across the United States got to their destinations only to find large CLOSED signs on all of them. Some of these include the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon, and the Statue of Liberty. Anyone that might have called into the Federal Government looking for some kind of information got hold of only various voicemails. Federal employees are now left to ponder when their jobs would be up and running again.

This is the second time in history the American government has shutdown. The first was 17 years ago and it lasted three weeks. No one has any idea how long this one will last.

Almost 800,000 federal employees were told to go home and they have no clue when they are to return to their places of employment. One mechanic who works at the Smithsonian’s History museum which is located in Washington, D.C., said he would have to find another job if he is not back to work after next week.

Hikers and campers at Yosemite, Yellowstone and other national parks were told that they have two days to pack up and leave the area. All other new visitors were made to leave. The famous landmark Gateway Arch was off-limits as well in St. Louis. A couple who wanted to get married at the Grand Canyon was turned away without any hint of make-up. They are going to have to have their wedding elsewhere. It is very confusing to find all the National Parks are closed.

In Philadelphia, people were being turned away from seeing the Liberty Bell up close and personal. They had to look at it through panes of glass. Numerous individuals on a trip heading to D.C. next week were not at all enthusiastic about any chance of getting to visit any of the National landmarks in the Washington D.C. area, which is their next stop on the vacation they are on.

Tourists in New York, who wanted to see the Statue of Liberty were offered an hour harbor cruise instead. They were not pleased, and one lady asked why all this had to be taken out on the U.S. National Parks being closed.

Fishermen going to the greatly awaited first day of the fall fishing season in North Carolina discovered there was no way to get onto the beach at Cape Hatteras. Also a KKK rally that was scheduled for the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania this weekend has also been called off.

Fountains were turned off on the National Mall lawn and the National Zoo closed up its doors. Its adored panda-cam was also turned off. Yet all these closings in D.C. did not stop over 125 veterans from Iowa and Mississippi who moved past blockades at the World War II Memorial. Numerous Congress members sliced through police tape and moved around the barriers so they could get in.

But there is no furlough for the approximately 12 million people who have the six-month tax extensions. They still have to file their returns by Oct. 15. even though the agency will not be issuing any refunds until the government goes back to normal.

So taxpayers have to make sure they get their taxes in, but the National Parks, mainly supported by those very taxes, are closed until further notice.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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