Katy Perry Sings Live at Lakewood High School to Roars of Approval (Video)

Katy Perry Performs Live at Lakewood High School to Roars of Approval (Video)

Katy Perry sang live at Lakewood High School to roars of approval from the students who won the Roar lip dub contest that had been run by Perry and Good Morning America. Perry had announced the contest on GMA earlier this year which she left open for schools across the US to make their own music lip dub video. The winners would be treated to a live concert by the singer on her 29 th birthday, Oct. 25. We have her video performance of Roar at the high School below.

The winning entry was also the first high school music video that Perry tweeted about on her Twitter account. When she saw Lakewood High School’s entry, her enthusiasm was so great that she posted her excitement, saying that was what she called “school spirit.”

Katy not only showed up at the packed gymnasium dressed as a cheerleader of the school, but she also sang several of her new songs live from her recently released album Prism. To show their appreciation, the school gave Perry a varsity letter jacket along with the students and faculties “roars” of approval.

Lakewood High School in Colorado filmed their entry for the lip dub Roar contest in one continuous take. Their original video was over four minutes long; the contest rules limited the length to two minutes. The director, 18 year-old Courtney Coddington and her editor, fellow student Gavin Rudy, re-edited the music video to the required length. The four minute version of the school’s lip dub went viral almost the moment it was uploaded onto YouTube.

All 2000 students of the high school participated in the making of the video along with the faculty. The video shows the school’s mascot, a tiger, entering the school and as it progresses through and out of the building, the students move away from the camera lip syncing the song. Every group that can be found in a typical high school was represented in the video.

When Katy Perry announced that the Colorado high school had won she said that they epitomised her idea of school spirit. After she finished her live performance, which was broadcast on Good Morning America, she said that she felt great. She explained that even though she had just turned 29, she still felt like she was “13.” The singer pointed out that most people could figure that out if they listened to her music.

She also thanked the students and staff for coming “together” and participating in the school’s Roar lip dub music video. After the show finished and she spoke to the crowd, Katy Perry got onto her Twitter account to tweet her second message about the school. She thanked the school’s students and staff for the “GREAT” morning and ended her tweet by asking the school to keep “#ROARING!”

We have included the video of Katy Perry singing Roar live at Lakewood High School to the packed gym’s approval. Perry seemed almost as excited as the students and staff who were listening to the singer’s live performance. Out of all the music video entries in the competition, Lakewood got the most views on YouTube. You can see Perry singing Roar in the video below. Other videos of Katy’s live performance are on Youtube.

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