Kim Kardashian Kissing Kayne West Proposal Caught on Camera

The happy couple, Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West engaged

The magical moment when Kim Kardashian is seen kissing Kanye West after he has gone down on one knee to ask her to plight him her troth has been caught on camera. The “intimate” proposal, in the sealed-off AT & T Stadium, was filmed by none other than YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, no doubt seizing his own moment to be a crowd pleaser and advertising his new video app MixBit for good measure.  Kim Kardashian must have been aware that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians camera crew were lurking in the wings, but she does seem to act genuinely surprised as Kayne makes his proposal, gasping and putting her hand to her mouth, in this supposedly private and romantic moment.   After the betrothed couple hug and kiss in delight, they are crowded in on by their close family and friends, while champagne corks burst busily in the background.  The screen message “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” stays lit up as the 50 piece orchestra strikes up the Lana Del Rey song “Young and Beautiful”.  While Kanye had clearly gone to a great deal of trouble to stage manage and secure this event, and done all the graceful gentlemanly gestures, including asking Kris Jenner for her daughter’s hand in marriage, he could not have known that 510,000 twitter followers of Mr Hurley were about to share in his engagement joy.

As well as broadcasting the megastar’s acceptance to his own account, Hurley also sent out press releases to several major publications in a bid to spread the promotion of his new MixBit app which allows clips from Vine and Instagram to be combined.  Now Kanye is threatening to sue which will inadvertently assist in its popularity as a curious public log on to see the happy scene.  Kim Kardashian kissing Kanye West is a sight the fans can’t get enough off.  Seeing them pash after he has just slipped a 15 carat diamond ring on her finger is too good to resist.  When a lady like Kim Kardashian has shared so much of her life on reality television, the fans don’t want to miss a moment, no matter what lengths her fiancé went to try to keep this one from being caught on camera.

The happy couple did not appear to be daunted the following night at the Yeezus concert, Kim Kardashian grinning broadly as Kanye West dedicated his song Bound 2 to his new fiancee, and publicly addressing her as such. In a touching confession to the crowds, rapper Kanye said he felt he had been given a second chance in life and encouraged all the lovers in the audience: “If you came with somebody you love tonight, hold on so tight”.

Bookmakers are already taking odds as to the marriage’s longevity after Kim Karashian’s track record with previous spouses being less than long lasting.  Most famously, her 72 day marital contract with husband number two Kris Humphries.  The pair, who already have their own moniker, Kimye, will be banking on this being Third Time Lucky. Paddy Power are not so sure. They give the parents of little cutie North West odds of 11/8 to stay married for five years.  They also predict it is 7/4 that Kim Kardashian will be onto wedding number four by the end of 2020.  Seeing these sorts of bets being laid are bound to infuriate Kanye, almost as much as having his secret proposal caught on camera. He now has his work cut out to choreograph a wedding that is somehow more spectacular than his engagement party.  One very safe bet is that Chad Hurley’s name will not be on the invitation list.  When Kim Kardashian is kissing Kanye after saying “I do” the MixBit man may well be looking at a bill for damages.

Written by: Kate Henderson

Daily Mirror

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