Kim Kardashian Says a Prenup Is the Only Way to Marry [video]

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

What's Love Got  to Do with It?Kim Kardashian says she loves Kanye but a prenup is the only way to marry. Kim’s late father, Attorney Robert Kardashian, was very adamant about the importance of having contracts when it comes to money. Kanye said he loves her and doesn’t want to insult her with the likes of a prenup but Kim has a totally different thought process. Kim says, “What’s love got to do with it?”

Kanye may have been love stricken when Kim accepted his proposal to marry him but Kim has always supported the idea of a prenup. Kim is actually worth a lot of money now. No doubt she loves her husband-to-be very much but won’t let that love interfere with the smarts of a business woman.

Her engagement comes on the heels of watching her sister, Khloe, go through marital turmoil with Lamar. Kim knows that Kanye could have anyone he wants so she wants to make sure that both parties and their assets are covered if history repeats itself.

Both Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, are demanding a cheat clause of $10 million be included in the prenup. That’s no surprise. Kanye may have trusted Kim enough not to ask for a prenup initially; but sources close to him say they are sure he would have come to his senses before tying the knot given Kim’s track record.

Kim didn’t waste any time hooking up with Kanye while she was still married to Kris Humphries so there’s no doubt some insecurities exist about how long this relationship will last. This is marriage number three for Kim and at this stage in her life she’s worth much more money.

Even though Kim is worth about $40 million it’s Kanye who is the actual breadwinner in this union. Kanye would be the smart one to initiate a prenup because if history is an indicator of tomorrow Kim may not wear that ring for long.

Her first marriage to Damon Thomas, producer, lasted four years but her second one to Kris Humphries, former member of the Brooklyn Nets, was over in only 72 days.

Their union is like the merging of two companies given their worth; so their prenup could actually take weeks to complete and almost $100,000 in legal fees.

The attorney, who represented Ivana Trump and Christie Brinkley, Robert S. Cohen, said they shouldn’t be tied to each other by money if something should go wrong with their union. He said they should both be able to just walk away without any strings attached, except for baby North, of course.

He also said that the prenup should cover any projects they do together. It should include a clause that divides combined projects with a 50/50 split.

No marriage is safe and even though many are rooting for these two to never need the jewels of a prenuptial agreement; it’s the wise thing to do.

Kim and Kanye have now agreed to keep their assets separate by including a prenup before they say, “I do.” Kanye and Kim are very committed to their union and are not signing a prenup because they fear they won’t last. They are both business savvy people and in light of their worth realize it’s simply the prudent thing to do.

Multiple sources close to the couple have said that even though they plan to keep their assets separate the couple also plans to have an enormous joint account for living expenses.

Originally Kanye didn’t want to insult his fiancé by requesting a prenup but Kim says she loves Kanye but a prenup is the only way to marry. Kanye said love trumps money but Kim says love doesn’t trump security. They have both agreed that a prenup is in order.



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