Bruce Jenner Does a Kanye West at Local Yogurt Shop

Kris Jenner Splits from Bruce Who has Taken Paparazzi Lessons from Kanye West

After 22 years of marriage Kris Jenner has called it quits with her husband Bruce. It is understandable that Bruce may not be in a very good mood which could explain why he unloaded on some paparazzi at a yogurt shop. Sounds like he has been taking lessons from Kanye West on how to deal with the paps.

Tension could be running high since the couple don’t have a prenuptial agreement and their joint earnings are reported to be $125 million. Things could get very messy. Kris has been spotted at the local Calabasas storage facility sans that big rock on her finger. The talk show host did not look too upset as she moved around storage boxes.

Bruce, on the other hand, seemed to be in a foul mood when he was encountered with his daughter’s at the local yogurt shop on Tuesday. 63 year-old Bruce went off at the paparazzi and told them to “F***” themselves. Neither Kendall, aged 17 nor Kylie, age 16 seemed overly bothered by Dad cursing out the photographers right after they gave him a goodbye hug.

And just like Kanye West, Bruce’s foul mouthed rant was captured on film. TMZ have gotten hold of footage showing Jenner reacting to paparazzi jibes about his split from wife Kris.

Considering that Bruce and Kris spoke to E! News earlier and seemed fairly laid back about the whole separation thing, he is obviously not too happy. He and Kris said that they are still “best friends” and that they still loved and respected one another.

Kris Jenner splitting up with Bruce seems to have had more of an impact than he let on. His paparazzi eruption could have been a lesson learned from Kanye West and all his exposure to Kim Kardashian’s fiance.

Bruce’s rant came right after he, Kylie and Kendall made a very rude, and traditional, hand gesture to the hovering paparazzi. Kylie was not overly happy at the attention and she got onto her Twitter account to complain. She tweeted that she never been “more over” paparazzi and everybody judging her every move.

She then tweeted that no one should judge anyone else until they’d “walked a mile” in their shoes. But Bruce Jenner was not the only family member to resort to the F-word. Kendall got onto her Twitter and retweeted sister Khloe’s Tuesday tweet which stated that the reality TV personality’s new motto was “F*** you.”

It looks as those relationship problems run in the Kardashian family at the moment. Khloe and Lamar have been having their fair share of problems as well. But insiders say that Kris and Bruce Jenner have been having problems for quite awhile now. Although Khloe’s marital unrest comes from Odom’s drug habit.

Kim Kardashian’s fella Kanye has done much to ingratiate himself to his soon-to-be mother-in-law and he obviously did the same to Bruce. Kris, it is said, is very happy with the recent events and that Bruce and everyone else needed to get used to it.

It could be argued that the pressure of all the things going on in Kris Jenner’s brood may have prompted her move to split up with Bruce. Right now, the only child who is doing well relationship wise is Kim in her relationship with Kanye.

Kris Jenner revealed on her show that Kanye West’s attitude at home was very different from his public persona, but his dealings with the paparazzi have not changed. Bruce must be taking lessons from West on how to handle the paps after the announced split from wife Kris. The next step will be Bruce telling the paps not to talk to him.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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