Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Feud Looking More Like a Prank

Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Feud Looks like a prank

Two weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel featured a skit on his ABC show. He got two children to re-enact West’s BBC Radio One interview. It was amusing and though the audience got a kick out of it, West did not. He went on Twitter to rage against Kimmel and things got nasty. But it’s beginning to look more like the feud between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel was a prank.

The 36 year-old rapper is not known for his sparkling wit, nor does he have an overabundance of good humor. But his tirade against 45 year-old comedian Jimmy Kimmel was very over the top. After insulting the comic on Twitter as well as dragging “soon-to-be” Batman Ben Affleck into the feud, West demanded an apology.

Kimmel, on the other hand, was very relaxed about the whole thing and he continued to make jokes about the Twitter feud and bragging about it. To be fair, after the Yeezus singer’s initial outburst on the social media site, he has been very low key about his insulted feelings.

The rapper maintained that Kimmel had ruined the impact of his interview and mocked the very serious and pertinent points that he had made while talking to the Radio One presenter. But it wasn’t only Kanye who was presented as a child in the skit, presenter Zane Lowe was as well. It was a good natured, funny jibe.

But West resorted to profanity on Twitter which exceeded the boundaries of good taste. He has since deleted the tweets, presumably thinking that Kimmel would publically apologise to him tonight on the show. At least he would have if the feud were real.

But considering the overblown nature of Kanye West’s reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s skit, the feud does look more like a prank. If it was, it will be revealed tonight as yet another of Kimmel’s jokes.

One of Kimmel’s specialities is prank videos. His latest was the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire” that he uploaded on YouTube. The video rapidly went viral as viewers thought it was real. Kimmel “fessed-up” on his ABC show the week after the “fail” was posted.

He has also done several videos that relies on Jimmy Kimmel fans pulling pranks on their kids. Parents claiming that they’ve eaten all their children’s Halloween candy was one such video. Sceptics of the Kimmel/West feud immediately pointed to Kimmel’s track record and accused the two men of pulling a fast one.

Based on Kanye’s inability to laugh at himself, case in point being the street sign incident, there were still more than a few people who believed the feud was real. Both men have track records for doing certain things. West for his lack of humor and Kimmel for his love of pranks.

Tonight, Kanye West will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on ABC and he will either let the public, and his audience, in on the joke or Kanye West will wind up being escorted off the premises. Although it is doubtful that the latter will occur. Odds are that this feud was all an elaborate prank set up to give West another chance to improve his image. More of a follow-on to what happened on Kris Jenner’s talk show where she maintained that he was much nicer in real life. It will be interesting to see just what will transpire on tonights show. Any bets?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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