T-Mobile International Unlimited Data and Text – Simple Choice Goes Global

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T-Mobile just seriously turned on the heat for their competitors. In an unmatched plan option to customers, T-Mobile is eliminating roaming fees. AT&T and Verizon offer International plans and with AT&T, a customer can determine if their phone is unlocked to use a local country SIM. T-Mobile has aggressively been trying to play catch-up to trounce Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. It looks like they are on their way to a huge accomplishment with Simple Choice.

T-Mobile led the charge for eliminating the two-year contract with the Jump! plan. Since that implementation last year – AT&T has joined with the Next plan, Verizon with the VZ Edge plan and even Sprint buckled to introduce One Up last month. With the changes, the fourth largest mobile carrier has seen an increase of over 1 million new customers in the last quarter. This surpasses previous growth records over the past few years.

Star power and data plan power are boosting T-Mobile's stock and consumer interest
Star power and data plan power are boosting T-Mobile’s stock and consumer interest

Simple Choice Goes Global

T-Mobile is breaking from tradition, even on their site is the motto “Our rule is to break the rules.” Starting October 20 T-Mobile will offer specialty International rates for customers traveling in over 100 permitted countries. The mobile company states unlimited web and messages are included in over 100 countries. In addition, phone calls are a flat $0.20 per minute of use. There are conditions of use, of course:

  • The only plans eligible are the Simple Choice plans for consumers, business, data only and Mobile Internet. Prepaid, Flexplay and grandfathered in plans are excluded.
  • The country must be designated in a country that will accept the Simple Choice international plan, otherwise WorldClass rates are implemented.

T-Mobile still has the main International plans for current information. The 200 countries list may be updated closer to that time. Customers would have to do nothing to enroll in the plan, all customers not in the exclusion list will be enrolled automatically into the plan. This is a big move for T-Mobile and their customer base.

The Comparison

AT&T has International plans for roaming outside of the United States. There are three different tiers based on the part of the world a customer is traveling. A customer on average can spend $120 for the month on the international plans which are not unlimited. A customer can receive unlimited texting as long as they have a domestic unlimited texting plan in place.

Verizon has a slightly better plan which allows customers to add the Global Voice Plan for $4.99 monthly and receive a per minute discount. They also follow similar Data Global add-on packages as AT&T. Sprint is more simplistic but not necessarily more affordable. Customers would enter their country destination and review the pay per use charge for each service. The Data Pack add-on for Sprint was considerably more expensive compared to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.


T-Mobile and CEO John Legere meant serious business when it came to the final phase of their “UNcarrier” promotions to boost the appeal of T-Mobile. The global move to allow customers to use unlimited data and texting while traveling overseas would be a near impossible for any other carrier to compete against. When questioned about the costs of the roaming, Legere shows no concern regarding the amount of roaming costs the company will absorb. Legere states he knows the “Uncarrier” revolution will sweep customers into T-Mobile, covering those costs.

The fourth largest carrier just released a wave of unbeatable price points. Select customers can enjoy international texting and data, unlimited in a select country list of over 100. T-Mobile is truly carving out a path to beat in the drive to bring in customers. Does this international offering give you a moment to contemplate if switching is worth it?

Worth the switch?
Worth the switch?

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