Lee Harvey Oswald Wedding Ring for Auction


Lee Harvey Oswald Wedding Ring Up for Auction

Lee Harvey Oswald’s wedding ring is up for auction in the here and now. It is all because on that faithful morning of Nov. 22, 1963, he removed that very wedding ring and placed it inside a cup on a dresser and left some money in a  side drawer before he took off for the Texas School Book Depository.

The ring of gold, which belonged to the person who assassinated President John F. Kennedy later that morning, is now part of a JFK mementos auction which is being held at the Omni Parker House hotel in Boston on Thursday. If one looks on the inside, there is a Star of Russia.

Bobby Livingston, who is one of the executive vice presidents with the New Hampshire auction house, RR Auction, pronounced the ring, which includes a small hammer and sickle etched on the band’s inside as being a significant, powerful, portion of evidence.

Lee Harvey Oswald wedding ring

That ring is able to give a person insight into Lee Harvey Oswald’s mind, expressed Livingston, who also said that the ring might get $100,000 or more in auction money.

It was fairly recent that the seller, Marina Oswald Porter, who is the widow of LHO, was able to have the ring returned to her. It had seemingly been forgotten about for years in the files of a Fort Worth attorney who had once done some work for her.

The 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, which took place in Dallas, is going to be this November, so the auction line got together numerous different items that range from JFK’s rosary beads to some items of clothing all the way to a hat that Jacky Ruby had once worn. He was the owner of the nightclub who ended up killing Oswald only two days after Kennedy died.

Porter sent a letter with the ring but the auction house will not release all of what it said. It mostly explains the ring’s history, the time it was bought in Minsk, which is a Soviet city, before they got married on April, 30, 1961 to it being left behind on a dresser at Ruth Paine’s house, who was a friend of Porter. She and Oswald’s kids were staying there the day Kennedy was slain. Oswald only came to visit them on weekends.

The wedding ring took a convoluted route from that dresser to arriving at the auction. It was in 2004, when it was found in the files of the lawyer who once had provided legal services for Porter. It was in an envelope that had “Treasury Department Secret Service” written on it. There also was a receipt on it saying that Paine had given it to the U.S. government on Dec. 2, 1963.

A letter that was written in July of 2012 from the law office of Brackett & Ellis in Fort Worth to Oswald’s widow read that the ring had seemingly been in attorney Forrest Markward’s ownership since 1964.

Luke Ellis, who is one of the partners at the office, explained that when the ring was found, the aged Markward did not remember how it came to be in his custody. The older man has since passed away.

Also on the auction block on Thursday is a Lincoln Continental that is colored white, which JFK and then first lady Jackie Kennedy rode in just a few hours before Kennedy was killed, and also the window from the sixth-floor of the Depository which is thought to have been Oswald’s sniper post. It was taken out of the building a few weeks after the assassination.

But even with all these iconic items, Lee Harvey Oswald’s wedding ring up for auction might end up bringing more cash than one would think.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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