Clint Eastwood and Wife Dina Finally Divorce from Their Silly Marriage

Clint Eastwood
Clint and Dina Eastwood

Dina Eastwood is finally getting a divorce from her husband, Clint Eastwood.  Hollywood and monogamy are again proving their essential distance.  The crazy marriage was nothing that the average American could understand.  The age distance was vast, the success, fame and wealth was all his, both Dina and Clint have already been seen with other partners.

Clint and Dina Eastwood’s marriage produced one child, Morgan, who is 16 and Dina has asked the courts to award her custody, along with spousal support and legal fees.  Dina will also keep the pretty black pug dog that she adores.  Writing on facebook, Dina explained that the changes have been hard “ Dealing with some “stuff” today. I felt, “No one understands what I’m going thru!”Then I GOT IT! Only I MUST UNDERSTAND!”  Only she could understand…

The story is not romantic.  Clint Eastwood, now 83, has been married once before and that was for 31 years.   In fact, the marriage was not solid because Clint Eastwood has womanized throughout his life, from swimsuit models, film crew, movie stars and media personalities; many a lady has won his attentions.  Clint has fathered children from several of these relationships.  His eldest daughter Alison Eastwood, wrote about the experience of being the daughter of this high achieving superstar who has admitted to eight children from relationships with six women, “He’s an old-school guy, so I was as close to him as you could be, but he’s not the most touchy-feely person.”

Clint Eastwood’s film career is primed with performances of mysterious men who are distant, dry and dangerous.  This has been his success.  From A Fistful of Dollars to westerns like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and then the iconic Dirty Harry in 1971.  Audiences have responded to this anti-hero who ultimately saves the day.  His success allowed him to direct and win Oscar recognition for the intense Unforgiven and the poignant Million Dollar Baby.

It is not surprising that Clint Eastwood and his wife, Dina have finally divorced from their crazy marriage.  Clint Eastwood’s relationship with women has mirrored the roles he has played.    Patrick McGilligan is the biographer of many stars.  He wrote a detailed, hardcore biography, Clint, the Life and Legend.  Clint’s newly publicized divorce is not part of the story but it fits perfectly into the history of the man who is described as a womanizer, a manipulator and the perfect antihero, in line with the characters he plays in his feature film career.

For the many fans who love his extensive work across more than 50 movies, there is a conflict with understanding the empty moral compass of a superstar who has been blessed with so much success.  His parents both worked in hard factory jobs but Clint Eastwood has earned a small fortune as an actor and more recently as a director.  His net worth is estimated at $371million.

On her wedding day in Las Vegas, Dina Eastwood said that she was flattered to be only the second woman Clint Eastwood had married, despite the many he had formed relationships with, temporary and more permanent, in and out of wedlock.  During her years of marriage to Clint Eastwood, Dina Eastwood has spent many years apart and legally separated but he stayed involved with their daughter Morgan.  The final request for divorce from this crazy marriage was filed this week in Monterey County Superior Court, Carmel, California.

Given Clint Eastwood’s past history it does not appear that he will be alone for the twilight years of his life.  He may be 83 but he is still enjoying all that is available, as he said so eloquently, “I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it.”

By Vicky Judah

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