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Republican Party Judge Joins Democrats [Video]

Republican Party Judge Carlo Key
Republican Party Judge, Carlo Key, joined the Democratic Party; blaming the Tea Party for its demise. Key, a Texas judge in Bexar County, faces an upcoming reelection effort in his district and has lost faith in the Republicans. In a video statement he said, “Make no mistake, I have not left the Republican Party. It left me.”

Key believes the Republican Party’s ideology has faltered and character assassination has readily been an issue in their politics. Key no longer share the values of current Republicans and has strong, offensive views of the Tea Party. Local Texas Republicans received bad press for troublesome comments about the LGBT community. The judge states that he believes in personal responsibility and fiscal accountability. He is of the opinion that Conservatives are leading the Party in the wrong direction. The Tea Party has been instrumental in setting the Republican agenda and Key sees that as a huge problem. Key believes in inclusion and thinks the Republican Party should be more accepting of ideals that differ from their own.

Republican Party National officials do not have issue with the judge joining the Democrats but it seems to mark a depreciative change in the way they are viewed. The Republican Party had previously initiated a drive to reach more youth and minorities. Its Growth and Opportunity Project promoted principles of tolerance and respect. The infusion of Tea Party ideology has diverted GOP initiatives and has led to individuals like Key ditching the party. Many believe the Tea Party is setting the conversation for current GOP initiatives and are insensitive to the suggestions of opposing ideas. Critics contend that the Republicans are turning off many young voters on various social issues.

Experts have identified election races where Republicans are facing defeat to novice Democrat politicians due to their categorical Conservative views on anti-abortion rights and other issues. The GOP has been slapped with the image of being inflexible and outdated.

The Washington Post poll show a disapproval rate of 77 percent of congressional Republicans. Many Americans do not like the current politics of the GOP. Observers have questioned if the party will have the fortitude to make a change in ratings before election season hits. Democrats and Independents may see a swell in ranks as that time nears.

Republican Judge, Carlo Key, joins the Democrats in hopes of distancing himself from the deflating GOP brand. The GOP must accommodate both corps of its members if the party is to survive elections against a stable Democrat Regime. If such is not accomplished then many other defections are bound to occur.

An editorial by Thomas Barr

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