Logar Governor, Arsala Jamal, Killed in Afghanistan Mosque Bomb

New Taliban Terrorist Attack?

Governor Jamal

Today, a bomb blast kills Arsala Jamal, governor of Afghanistan’s eastern Logar province. Apparently the bomb was planted inside a microphone in Logar’s main mosque and detonated as Jamal was giving a greeting speech to crowds of praying Muslims, celebrating the first day of Eid Al-Adha, one of the biggest Muslim celebrations and the second major Muslim holiday.

Nobody was killed other than Jamal but 15 others were injured, and several are in a critical condition according to the governor’s spokesman.

Does this mark one among the many series of Islamic terrorist attacks? No terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack but all the fingers point to the Taliban, who had been targeting Afghan officials and military troops as part of their campaign to retake territory before the full pullout of the international troops in Afghanistan at the end of 2014.

The most recent high-profile attack on one of Afghanistan’s officials was in September 2013. Lieutenant Negar, senior female police officer in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, was shot in the neck by an unidentified gunman on a motorbike. She died one day later in hospital.

The southern parts of Kabul have grown increasingly restless and many officials and NATO troops have been shot and killed in various terrorist attacks. Police officers also face life-threatening injuries in raids on drug smugglers. Al Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist groups co-exist with illegal drug producers, dependent on each other, where the terrorist organizations receive millions of dollars — as much as $400 million according to Afghanistan’s Minister of Counternarcotics — from the illegal drug trade. The smugglers also revel in protection from the terrorist militia. The case of the Afghan people, however, remains as insecure and terrorized as ever, with thousands fleeing the southern and eastern fringes of the country on their way to the capital.

Arsala Jamal, the deceased governor, was a great leader and influential person. He was close to President Hamid Karzai as a senior official in his successful presidential campaign for re-election in 2009.

Written by: Jaylan Salah

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