Los Angeles Lakers Are Back In Business

 Los Angeles Lakers Are Back In Business

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled an upset on Tuesday for the opening of the 2013-2014 NBA season against same town rivals the Los Angeles Clippers. It was expected to see the Lakers lose the game, but the Lakers bench turned up the heat and burned the Clippers.

Before the game started, the speculation of the Lakers losing was very much backed up by the fact the Kobe Bryant, possibly the best player to ever play in the gold and purple jersey, is indefinitely out with his achilles tendon still healing and a knee injury. Also, the Lakers are going through a rebuilding process.

Technically this season is to be the Lakers’ rebuilding season while the Clippers are meant to go for the title. Well, on Tuesday night, things looked very different to the Angeleno crowd that attended the first game of the NBA season.

The Los Angeles Lakers trailed throughout most of the game, but it was never a huge lead that the Los Angeles Clippers had on the Lakers, contrary to what was expected.

The heroes for the Lakers were the bench guys. Yes, the bench outscored the starters and helped with a fourth quarter drive to win the game. It was pretty amazing!

The bench guys outscored the starters 76 to 40 in the victory over the Clippers. Players like Xavier Henry, Jordan Farmar (who played with the Lakers before), Jordan Hill, Nick Young, and Jodie Meeks exploded in the fourth quarter to make a huge rush on their same-city rivals.

Pau Gasol, who ended up with 15 points and 13 rebounds in 24 minutes, was very proud of the team’s performance. He also added that he was not completely surprised but was very glad that his team got the big W.

Jordan Farmar was very proud with the opening game that ended up with a Lakers’ victory via thanks to the bench.

“Our confidence and our belief in each other, we didn’t waver at all,” said Farmar. “We competed and it’s a good sign to start off with.”

The outcome of this game was just a huge surprise for not only the NBA but the whole world of sports. With Kobe Bryant out, Lakers’ best player, and with the rebuilding process at hand, many thought that the Clippers were going to dominate.

Things were turned around when the Lakers handed the Clippers a whipping in the fourth quarter. The Clippers led practically the whole game, but the Lakers were breathing down their necks.

The victory over the Clippers turned heads and opinions about the Los Angeles Lakers. This game put the Lakers back on the map to make the playoffs. It might be a little early to say, but the performance by the Lakers’ bench against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night was enough to back up the idea that the Lakers could be a playoff team this season. No joke!

It will all depend how the Lakers hold until their big star comes back to play on the court, which is speculated to be for December. If the bench can help out the way they did on Tuesday night every game, then the LA Lakers are back in business.

By J. L. Herrera

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