YouTube Holds First Annual Music Awards Mainstream Vs Homegrown (Video)

YouTube Holds First Annual Music Awards Mainstream Vs Homegrown (Video)

Following hot on the heels of Google’s recent reveal that YouTube will start competing in the world of digital music, the media site has announced their first annual music awards event. The ceremony will take place on November 3 in a contest of mainstream music vs “homegrown” local, and not so local, internet artists. The video at the end of the article talks about the upcoming event.

Earlier in the year YouTube, which is owned by Google, made the announcement that they would now have pay-to-view entertainment channels. Now they have announced that they will join the world of digital music and provide a subscription music facility that will compete with existing digital music providers on the internet.

Current music providers like iTunes, Napster and Spotify will now face competition from one of the most popular sources of entertainment on the web. The Google run site will make the paid music subscription available by the end of this year. Initially the music channel will run customers $10 per month and it will focus on the mobile device niche. This new “channel” will be commercial free.

In the run up to YouTube’s unveiling of the new paid service, they are holding their first annual music awards where mainstream artists will compete against “unknowns” who currently have a following on YouTube for their music.

Google’s YouTube execs have kept very quiet about their newest endeavour, but, they have pointed out that Youtube is the most used search site for videos and music. With an existing demographic that consists of young people from all over the world, digital music providers will face some formidable competition.

The site has said that they are always looking for more ways to allow people to enjoy their favorite entertainment channels on all types of media. Youtube did explain that this new avenue would give their partners a wider opportunity to reach potential fans.

YouTube has orchestrated the start of their new paid digital music service with entertainment giants Sony, Warner and Universal. The top three record labels in the industry have all entered into an agreement with YouTube as well as a few independent recording labels.

After advertising their new music award, which was open for voting from Oct 17, YouTube have put together a shortlist of videos and artists for their first annual event. Voting on the shortlisted nominees started today. From the mainstream side of music, Lady Gaga, Miley, and the latest internet sensation, South Korea’s PSY are in the list. On the other side of the competition are the thousands of artists who regularly upload their musical efforts on YouTube. These “local” artists can have channels with fans that can range from the thousands to the millions.

Some of the categories in the first annual music award will be somewhat esoteric to those who do not habitually use YouTube. Response of the Year and Innovation of the Year are just two examples of the type of “specialized” categories for YouTube partners who have music channels.

People who want to vote can see the full list of nominees and then vote for their favorites after following the link provided by YouTube. The winners will be honored at the live event on November 3 in New York. Spike Jonze is said to be filling in as creative director for the event and the actor Jason Schwartzman will host the ceremony.

While the show will be presented from New York City, there will be musical “collaborations” transmitted from all over the world. Locations as diverse as Seoul, Moscow, Rio and London will be beaming live performances and
the winners will be announced on the day. YouTube holding their first annual music awards on November 3 is a great run up to their new paid music subscription. It will be interesting to see how the mainstream artists vs “homegrown newcomers” will turn out. You can see the video about the event below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


New York Times