Madonna: the Winner Is Motherf*****

Madonna Proves She Is No Miss Manners

There are many who will point their finger at Justin Bieber and talk about his public misbehaviour; forgetting that he is still a teenager with a lot of growing up to do. Others are vilifying Miley Cyrus for her sexual escapades and her penchant for performing either in her birthday suit or twerking wherever she likes. But folks have forgotten that there is one performer who is older than both of these two youngsters and their combined ages of 39 who can also act inappropriately. And that is Madonna, has shown twice in one week that she is no Miss Manners. And in one instant used the word motherf***** to announce an award winner.

The 55 year-old singing icon was banned from a Texas theater chain after she was caught texting while watching Steve McQueen’s film 12 Years a Slave at the New York Film Festival. The incident took place last week and a source said that a blonde woman wearing black lace gloves would not stop using her cell phone to send texts during the film.

The New York Post spoke to a witness who said that when Madonna was asked to cease and desist, the singer replied that she was conducting business, and called the person an “enslaver.” The performer has been banned from the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain since the incident. The Texas owned theater chain, who only manage the Lincoln Reade Theater where the texting took place, operate and enforce a very well publicized no texting rule.

After the star had been caught texting during the film the CEO of the theater chain, Tim League, got onto Twitter to tweet that until the singing idol apologised to the other customers she wasn’t welcome at the theater chain. Since that particular tweet was posted the media have had a field day with the texting superstar’s getting banned.

But the texting episode wasn’t Madonna’s only social gaffe in the month of October. On Tuesday, October 15 she appeared live on British morning television on Channel 4. At 9 o’clock a.m. as she announced the winner of the Turner Art Award, she managed to drop a pretty hefty F-Bomb on national television. In fact she used the word motherf***** as she announced the winner of the award.

Apparently the singer has “got prior” for using incorrect language on live television broadcasts. The show’s producers asked for a copy of her announcement spiel and rigged up a censor button to stop the star from swearing. They also stressed the importance of not using unacceptable language during the live broadcast. Unfortunately for the show’s producers, the censor button that had been installed was not pressed fast enough to “bleep” out the singer’s lapse of good taste.

Madonna saying the word “motherf******” made it past the bleep and the station were in hot water with the Independent Television Commission as a result. They were found guilty of breaching the ITC program code that deals with unacceptable language before the watershed of 9 ‘clock p.m. The ITC did allow that Channel 4 were concerned enough about what the star might say by having made precautions, but they weren’t quick enough to beat the words out of “Madges” mouth.

So, apparently, being an older world famous celebrity and singing icon does not make you act any better in public than a 19 year-old pop star or a 20 year-old sex-obsessed singer. Madonna has proven that you do not want to sit next to her in the cinema nor do you want to interact with her before 10 o’clock a.m.

In one week alone, Madonna has proven that she is no Miss Manners. Thank goodness there were no mop buckets in the movie theater. The image of the singer saying, “The winner is…Motherf*****,” is one that the producers would like to forget, we’re sure.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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