Madonna Raped Horrifically at Knifepoint in Early Years

From tragedy to success

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Sitting down with Harper’s Bazaar for their November issue, the Material Girl revealed startling information. Madonna, 55, states when she first walked into the wonder of New York a tragic event occurred. She shares while traveling around New York at the tend age of 20-years-old she was dragged to the rooftop of a building, where she was horrifically raped at knifepoint. A moment that would brand her path as a survivor and a success.

Madonna originally shared her story in a 1995 interview with New Musical Express, a British music magazine. The musical queen of pop stated she has come “to terms” with the rape over the years. The Vogue songstress does not elaborate on the dark details but stated it did harden her demeanor when it came to trust and those she communicated among.

November 2013 Harpers Bazaar highlights Madonna
November 2013 Harpers Bazaar highlights Madonna

Madonna has only mentioned her assault a few times over the last 25-years, instead drawing attention to her talent and ability to mark the world with song. The shock of the rape pushed Madonna to overstep boundaries and become stronger and wiser. She was on a path to never look back at that horrific moment and continue to break barriers in the music industry.

Madonna was born into the of a survivor. She lost her mother at the painful age of 5-years old, and was raised by the hard hand of her step-mother. The singer was forced to raise younger children in the home and that opened a portal for her to work harder to get away faster from her home life. During the late 70s and early 80s, Madonna launched small bands of her own to immerse in her love of music and performance.

It was under the guidance of manager Camille Barbone and music producer Mark Kamins that finally thrust Madonna into the spotlight. She reveled in the attention, gaining a slew of fans of her eclectic and controversial songs. Like a Virgin hit platinum within a month of its release in 1985 amid intense controversy. Another song created a severe outcry from religious communities when Madonna released the 1989 Like a Prayer. Raised in a home overwhelmed with religious sayings, items and restrictions, this was Madonna’s path of rebellion.

Her life has climbed leaps and bounds from that tragic night 25-years ago. She now owns the music industry, highly imitated by artists like Lady Gaga. She has two children who are commonly seen with her throughout travel and vacations. The Material Girl has come a long way from a moment to never mark herself a victim.

Rape is an ugly and horrifying event turning women into victims during their reporting and investigation of the crime. In New York City alone, over 1,300 women endure the tragedy of rape on an annual basis. Across the world, there is a sad lonely cry of the thousands upon thousands of women raped. India had over 24,000 reported cases in 2012 – sadly in the United States that reported per capita rate is up to 13 times higher.

These of course are just the reported cases, not including those that do not result in being reported. The growing numbers continue to show serious and true problems for reporting practices. The unreported cases remain that way for a reason; many women who have survived rape, talk about the revictimization process during the investigation.  Madonna brings star power to a problem that has to be cornered and addressed. She suffered the horrible event at knifepoint while thousands more women are killed or severely injured. Madonna shows how to never remain a victim and continue to push for greater heights of self-discovery and success.


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If you or someone you know needs resources to overcome the tragedy of rape/sexual assault please contact:
RAINN Hotline

Wall Street Journal
Just Jared
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