Mexican Monster Truck Kills Eight

Eight killedA monster truck lost control at a Chihuahua air show killing at least eight people and hurting dozens others, some of them seriously. The driver of the truck is being detained and may face manslaughter charges.

Spectators were watching the “Extreme Aeroshow” when the vehicle lost control after jumping over cars it was crushing. The Associated Press is reporting having video taken by a spectator that shows the truck mounting over two cars, taking another run at a higher speed and bouncing nose first before heading straight for the crowd, which was in its path. There were no walls or barriers.

Witnesses say the driver may have hit his head and lost his helmet in the mishap. The accident killed a least one child and seven others are confirmed dead. As many as 80 others remain hospitalized early Sunday.

Jesus Manuel Ibarra, 41, told reporters he was watching and then fell and the truck was coming right for him.  He was being treated for injuries to his arm and hip.

The air show was cancelled and the governor of Chihuahua has declared three days of mourning.

Written by Linda Torkelson






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