Mia Farrow and Woody Allen Beauty and the Beast?

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen Beauty and the Beast?

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen Beauty and the Beast?

The news is full of stories dealing with the bitterly estranged Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Listen to both camps and their relationship sounds like a beauty and the beast story gone sour. Both sides allege that the other filled the shoes of beast and it appears that both sides have suffered deep nonhealing wounds.

It was an odd love story from the very beginning. Mia Farrow, sexy new girl from Peyton Place, catches Frank “the chairman” Sinatra’s eye and the two get married after a whirlwind romance. The short-haired svelte Farrow won the crooner and Ava Gardner expressed her shock at that pairing by saying that now Sinatra had done it, “He’s gone and married a boy.”

But Mia was not in any way masculine, she just did not have the curves that Gardner had been blessed with. In a short while, Mrs Frank Sinatra realised that she did not want to support her new husband’s career and she ran off to be in Rosemary’s Baby, the Roman Polanski iconic horror film of 1968. Sinatra was not pleased and the rebellious act by Mia ended her marriage to Frank.

The 68 year-old ex Mrs Woody Allen swears that Sinatra was the love of her life and is now saying that it is very possible that 25 year-old son Ronan Farrow is Sinatra’s son and not Woody’s. It could be seen as a bitter woman’s claim designed to hurt Allen, but one look at Ronan and it is crystal clear who his biological father is. He definitely favors “ol blue eyes.”

On top of these new allegations that Ronan Farrow is not Woody’s biological offspring, you have Dylan, Mia’s adopted daughter coming forward to dredge up old allegations made by her when she was 7 years-old. Allegations that insist that her step-dad Allen touched her inappropriately. Or as she put it, in her private place.

These allegations alone tend to blur the lines as to who is actually the beauty and who is the beast. Mia Farrow comes from “old” Hollywood. Her mother was already considered acting royalty when Mia came into the world. Her upbringing was very different from Woody Allen’s non professional background. His road into the entertainment business came from his stand up comedy routine and because of his success he was asked to write the 1965 comedy film What’s New Pussycat? and his long career as a director stemmed from his directing the 1966 film What’s Up Tiger Lily? The disparate backgrounds show a definite difference of cultures and styles.

Unfortunately, when 7 year-old Dylan first told a third party about the alleged touching she pointed to her shoulder when asked about where her private place was. It was only after speaking to her mother Mia, that she felt “comfortable” enough to say where her private place really was.

More cynical individuals could feel that the child had been coached by mother Mia. But sources close to the family at the time that this allegedly took place, claim that Woody Allen had an “unhealthy” obsession with the young Dylan.

In an article by Vanity Fair, several people have spoken out about Woody’s need to keep touching Dylan or being near her in what could be seen as stifling or smothering rather than abusive. As an adult, Dylan has taken quite a lot of emotional baggage from her interaction with her step father. Regardless of just what exactly did happen all those years ago, she has been scarred from the experience.

The 77 year-old Allen has always denied any wrongdoing and has maintained that the allegations only came about after his affair with adoptive daughter Soon-Yi was discovered by Mia.

Unfortunately, Woody Allen’s affair with Soon-Yi both upset and damaged not just Mia Farrow, but the remainder of the children in their relationship. In this instance, the morally reprehensible act of sleeping with an adopted daughter puts Allen firmly in the role of Beast. This then leaves Mia to play the role of beauty except for her rage at what her husband had done. Both sides continue to affirm that their version of events is the truth. Dylan has spoken out about her “abuse” by Allen, but thus far, it has not been addressed via legal channels. It remains to be seen if there is enough evidence to make a case.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. Wow, if you are gonna write an article, get some of the basic facts right. Dylan was his adopted daughter and Soon Yi was not which is why her name is Soon Yi Previn, because Andre Previn was her adoptive father.

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