Miley Cyrus Hates Attention but Loves Herself

Miley Cyrus Hates Attention but Loves Herself

Miley Cyrus, in a recent magazine interview, saying that she really hates attention and is totally in love with herself.  So, does that means all these interviews she has been giving has been in an effort to shy away from all the recent attention she has been receiving?

Case in point, in the interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the 20 year-old singer says that this has been the most insane year of her young life and she is absolutely loving every minute of it.  Cyrus claims that everything has been so chaotic and crazy lately and it’s all too much.  Then, in the next breath, she goes on to say that she is “living for it” and having the absolute best time ever and that everything is falling into place, just like she planned it to.  That seems pretty contradictory for someone who is also claiming that she hates all the recent attention she has been given.

Even those who want to hate Cyrus for her recent crimes of fashion and good taste cannot stop talking about her.  It’s driving them insane that she is still the topic of party conversation and yet they can’t avoid chiming in with their two cents.  Cyrus, adopting a new bravado, isn’t afraid to call them out on it.  She tells Cosmopolitan that society wants to shut her down and that she wishes everyone would see the positive in all her actions.  Such as simulating masturbation on live television, one would suppose.

Miley-Cyrus-Killed-Hannah-Montana-on-the-VMAsWhile we are on the subject of her now famous down and dirty MTV VMA back in August, she opens up to the magazine with a little more insight.  Cyrus says that while she still has zero regrets about her performance, the moment itself was bittersweet.  She claims that didn’t mean to overshadow anyone.  It was all meant to be in good fun.  She then goes on to add that the performance warranted the most tweets in history, so clearly she isn’t feeling as bad as she is leading everyone to believe.

Cyrus says that she does love the new direction her life and career are taking, but sometimes craves a normal life.  She adds that there are times she wakes up and wishes she could go out without being photographed.  Not that she has a problem with her fans recognizing her, mind you.  She would just love to walk around a city without being hounded.  Cyrus actually hates the attention from the media and wishes she could just be who she is without all the fame that comes with it.  She still wants people to buy her records though.  She’d really just like to go on a coffee run without being hassled.  Sounds like someone wants to have their cake and eat it, too.

Perhaps some of the biggest backlash she has received since the VMAs is from people who claim she needs to have more respect for the young fans who have looked up to her and who helped get her where she is today.  Cyrus doesn’t put pressure on herself to be a role model for these impressionable young kids.  She would love to inspire them, but she is going to do whatever she wants.

It certainly does appear that Miley Cyrus loves herself, despite all the attention, good and bad, she receives.  The reality is, as long as we keep talking about her there is no chance she is going to fade away anytime soon.

By: Mary Kay Love

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