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Conrad Murray Released [Video]

Conrad Murray Released

Conrad Murray is set to be released from prison after being convicted of the murder of pop star Michael Jackson. He served two years of his four-year sentence and had his medical credentials as a doctor revoked. He was a practicing cardiologist who was convicted in 2011 for Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. The former doctor was Michael Jackson’s personal doctor during his comeback attempt in the music industry.

Murray, 60-years-old, will have the opportunity to rebuild his life after his high level trial and sentencing of Jackson’s death. He continues to appeal the sentencing at phenomenal costs and has plans to attempt to be reinstated as a doctor. With his face and name being well known after his conviction for killing Jackson, he faces an uphill battle for living a normal life.

An an inmate he has been conducting interviews with the media while in lock up. He has been anything but silent after his conviction of killing the pop star. He has been profiled on the TMZ celebrity website and on the Today show. He supported the fact that Jackson’s promoters were found in a civil suit not negligent in his hire for service to Jackson.

Conrad Murray will be released from a Los Angeles Jail and has big plans on restarting his career. An ex-bodyguard of Murray said the former doctor plans to become a singer in the entertainment business. Jeff Adams, former bodyguard of Murray said, “Murray thinks he can make it as a singer in the future.” He also will have to file a court petition to be reinstated as a medical doctor.

Adams spoke to the media saying Murray also has plans for writing a book about his experiences. He has plans for a seven figure deal with publishers and wants to rekindle his relationship with the dead star’s kids – Prince, Paris and Blanket. He plans to make money of his whole ordeal with Jackson’s death and his public battles with naysayers.

He has served his entire sentence in the county lockup. Traditionally upon being sentenced inmates are transferred to a state facility to serve out their sentence. Due to a California overcrowding law he was permitted to do his time in the L.A. county jail. He has been vocal about his discontent with his living conditions while in lock up.

Many have suggested that the former doctor should remain low key in his resurface to the American society. Adams suggested that Murray may have a problem with death threats and other concerns related to his connection with the late Jackson. He may also face being exploited and extorted due to his new found infamy.

He base’s his innocence on the lawsuit against AEG Live LLC in which they were found not liable for Jackson’s death. Jackson’s mother attempted to sue the concert moguls for their role in the mega pop star’s death. Many related to the lawsuit believed the doctor acted in a competent manner but they questioned his ethics.

Law enforcement officials stated Murray got no special treatment due to his notoriety. Lawyers in his defense say Conrad Murray will serve out the terms of his release and seek to expunge his conviction. Observers await with great interest of how his scenario will play out in the public and many believe he is sure to get calls for a reality show appearance.

By Thomas Barr

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