Miley Cyrus in Control?


Miley Cyrus
Does that look like someone who cares what you think?


In a recent interview with “Rolling Stone Magazine” Miley Cyrus is quoted saying “I think weed is the best drug of choice.” To many people Miley’s nonchalant attitude is becoming over and more of a nuisance. But is that really what Miley is trying at?

It is true that Disney stars often leave to child-star spotlight and move onto bigger and better things, Shia LaBeouf’s success can hardly be argued with but Miley has turned into tornado that can’t be stopped. Disney viewers never expected sweet young Hannah Montana to become such a wild and out of control star, looking back she was such a role model; how things have changed.

In this recent interview Miley openly talks about some of her experiences with drugs. “Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And molly, too. Those are happy drugs – social drugs. They make you want to be with friends.” Does Miley really have a grasp over herself?

If Miley is in control and aware of what she is doing does it make sense to be representing herself with drugs? Given the opportunity to have all of the world watching is it a good idea to act so wild? “I want to be the cool chick that everyone wants to be friends with.” What Miley has chosen to do with her stardom is craft herself into the ultimate party girl. “I want the people who watch my shows or watch my videos to be like, “She looks like the most fun person to hang out with ever. I want to be that girl’s best friend. I want to party with her.”

Surely the attention of being a child-star has morphed Miley into someone that loves attention, someone that wants to be noticed but not sexually? Miley says “My shtick is I’m the homey.” Which is to say that Miley has a goal in mind and a grasp over how she acts, she is trying to be viewed in a particular way and is consciously making decisions.When addressed about her show at the VMAS Miley said, “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you.”

When talking about her new album Bangerz Miley said “I want to make sure my record is the best it can be. I’m trying to set a new standard for pop music. So it has to live up.” Even though Miley is making a scene across the news she is still a musical artist that is dedicated to her music. “It’s coming out soon, so right now I’m listening to it 20,000 times to make sure it’s perfect.”miley-west-coast

Miley has a lot on her plate but is still taking care of business. Is she really out of control or does she simply not care? One of the benefits of having millions of dollars is that you can live however you want, which is precisely what Miley is doing, she is aware of her actions and how people take them but doesn’t care, she just wants to party and be friends. With all things considered is Miley loosing control or living it up her way?



Written By: Garrett Jutte

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