Miley Cyrus Blows off Chance to Apologise to Sinead O’Connor on Today Show

Miley misses chance to apologise to Sinead O'Connor on Today Show.

Somewhat amazingly, after the very public social media feud between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor, the 20 year-old performer opted to play the situation down when she appeared on the Today Show. She attacked the Irish singer on her beloved Twitter and even had a few professional “friends” join in. While speaking with Matt Lauer on the program she blew off her chance to apologise to O’Connor despite the threat of legal action if she didn’t

Sinead O’Connor posted an open letter in her Facebook page in which she expressed concern at how the former Hannah Montana’s career was being managed. She felt that perhaps the younger performer was being “pimped out” by the industry or that Miley was pimping herself out. She warned the Wrecking Ball singer that while it may seem the correct action to take right now, that later she could well regret it.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer went on to say the the industry did not care about Miley and that she should not be so ready to sexualise herself.

Cyrus responded to the Facebook open letter via Twitter and instead of acknowledging the 46 year-old performer’s concern, verbally attacked her. She accused Sinead of being like Amanda Bynes and after O’Connor took offense to the accusation, Miley then reposted 2 year old tweets from the Irish singer’s Twitter feed back when she was at a low point in her life.

O’Connor reacted angrily as did several mental health groups around the world. Sinead claimed that Miley tweeting the Irish performer’s old tweets and implying that they were recent was professionally damaging to her. She demanded an apology and stated in a further open letter that she would be taking legal action against the ex Disney star.

During the Today Show interview, Miley spoke of how pleased she was at the attention garnered after her controversial MTV VMA performance. Speaking to Matt Lauer, she said that she was very happy that her planned outrageousness worked so effectively. She told Lauer that it had been a month since the performance and people were still talking about it.

Cyrus did quote her We Can’t Stop director Diane Martel who, after Miley’s VMA performance, stated that the young performer was not for “old people.” Miley obviously agrees as she repeated it to Matt Lauer. When the 55 year-old host asked Miley what classified as old, she responded impishly that the age of 40 was too old to get where she was coming from.

Cyrus explained that she had been told that a 40 year-old person had a diminished sex drive.

Matt then asked Miley about the feud between her and Sinead O’Connor. The Wrecking Ball singer said that she felt Sinead cast the first stone in the battle. She claimed that she still admired O’Connor and that the 1990 hit Nothing Compares 2 U did influence her music video. But she added that she was upset that the older performer implied that what she was doing was wrong. Cyrus could have set things right properly, but she blew off any chance to end the feud with an apology to the Irish performer.

Cyrus also said that she felt O’Connor was an incredible artist and that she thought her songwriting skills were awesome. She finished by saying that since she was a huge fan of Sinead’s that the issue was over and it was “all good.”

But despite everything being “all good” she still has not given the older performer a public apology as requested. She could have seen her downplaying of the feud as a form of apology, but it remains to be seen whether or not Sinead accepts it as such.

O’Connor, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which she has in common with Amanda Bynes, was outraged at Miley’s uncaring and cavalier attitude regarding mental health issues. The singer told Miley that she had managed to insult every person on the planet with mental health problems.

Miley Cyrus could have taken the Today Show appearance and interview as her chance to apologise, not just to Sinead O’Connor, but to others that she chose to mock with mental problems. Miley may be trying to grow up and leave her Hannah Montana days behind her, but, she decided instead to blow off her chance to act like an adult and apologise for acting incorrectly. One thing is for certain, anyone else who may be concerned at the pop star’s behaviour will think twice before saying anything.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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