Miley Cyrus Threatened with Legal Action from Sinead O’Connor

Miley Cyrus threatened with Legal Action from Sinead O'Connor

The Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor social network feud that started with an open letter from O’Connor to Miley via the Irish singer’s Facebook page has shifted up a gear. Sinead decided to leave the old fashioned Facebook to continue the battle between old and young. Taking to Twitter the Nothing Compares 2 U singer threatened Miley Cyrus with legal action if she continued her tacky tweets.

The entire battle began with an open letter via Facebook that 46 year-old O’Connor posted on her page. The letter warned the 20 year-old pop singer of the dangers of being “pimped” by the music business and of pimping herself. Sinead explained that the industry “did not care” about her personally and that in a few years time, she would regret the path currently being taken.

Cyrus’ response was vitriolic in nature. She compared O’Connor to Amanda Bynes and reposted 2 year-old tweets that Sinead had put up when she was at a low point in her life. Miley made fun of O’Connor and the Irish performer responded angrily.

Sinead called Miley a prostitute who was too busy “getting her tits” out to realize that in mocking both Amanda Bynes and O’Connor, she had managed to insult everyone who suffered from a mental disorder. Sinead, like Bynes, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder – although Amanda also suffers from schizophrenia – and she was furious at the nasty attack that Cyrus made on Twitter.

Miley’s next step in the feud was to again make fun of O’Connor and she got support from three other young artists who ganged up on Sinead to take shots at her sexual preferences as well as her age, and accused her of being a prude. They also intimated that the older singer was vying for attention by pretending to care about Miley’s focus on sexualizing herself.

Cyrus also posted screenshots of Sinead’s infamous ripping up of the Pope’s picture on Saturday Night Live.

After the latest attack from Cyrus and co, Sinead wrote her third open letter on her Facebook page. Her last post gets straight to the point. She told the Wrecking Ball singer that she could take five minutes between g-string f****** changes to apologise for her behaviour on Twitter. She also warns that if the former Hannah Montana does not remove her tweets and apologise she will take legal action against her.

O’Connor is so angry at the Twitter abuse and mocking tone of Cyrus that she has also pledged to take professional action against the young performer as well. Sinead goes on in her third open letter to point out that Miley’s attitude has done her more damage than good and that mental health experts and groups have banded together against her.

Sinead also points out that she has “no interest” in meeting Miley and that the ex Disney actress claiming that she did not have time to apologise for her behavior because of her hosting Saturday Night Live was “bullsh*t.”

She told Miley in the letter that her tweets had the potential to harm her, Sinead’s, career. O’Connor pointed out that as Miley wanted to give the impression that the tweets were recent and not 2 years old, people in the industry might not realize that she was better.

As it stands now, Miley Cyrus is coming off as the villain here. Her immaturity caused her to attack the well meaning Sinead O’Connor and rather than apologize she is continuing her attack on the older Irish singer. But with Sinead threatening legal action, the stakes in this social media feud, “just got real.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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