Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez Again: Molly Vs Mildly

Miley Cyrus Vs Selena Gomez: Molly Vs Mildly

While Miley Cyrus continues to embrace her new bad girl image, Selena Gomez has stuck to her “goody-two-shoes” roots. In a recent radio interview by Gomez, she described her action and image as being PG-13 as opposed to Miley’s somewhat more hard-core image. The interview has come dangerously close to sparking another war between the two singers. Except this new possible feud of Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez it could be seen as “molly vs mildly.

Perhaps it is because Selena is that little bit older than Miley, Gomez is 21 years-old and Cyrus is still 20, but it seems that the older singer has no issue with keeping her image on a more even keel. The older singer, who is Taylor Swift’s BFF and Taylor’s another performer who fits the bill as a PG-13 artist, has always been categorized as squeaky clean compared to other “raunchier” artists.

In a radio interview on The Ben Davis and Kelly K show, Gomez was asked whether she’d had any “rockstar moments,” where she and her rowdy pals destroyed hotel rooms. Selena replied that as a pop artist, it was hard for her to get into a rockstar frame of mind. She made a reference to wearing pink sparkly outfits and admitted that she could only fit into the PG-13 mold.

She was also asked about the idea of going au naturale a la Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball, the singer ignored the question and answered’ “To each their own.” She also said that she would not judge other people. Gomez, who said earlier this year that she would go nude for the right acting role, obviously did not see Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video as “high art.”

In terms of nudity and the need to exhibit body parts that should, perhaps, remained covered, Gomez and her BFF Taylor Swift are not young female artists who have felt the need to strip down and flaunt their sexuality in order to sell tracks or music videos. The interview that Selena gave did not outrightly insult or “diss” Miley, but it could be construed as a shot across the bow for the younger performer. Obviously Gomez finds the whole issue of Miley’s new career directional choice a bit distasteful. And this is from a girl who dated Justin Bieber.

But it is doubtful that Miley Cyrus will take this insult lying down or in anything remotely resembling good grace. She has shown how she responds to good natured caring, for example, Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to the former Hannah Montana led to her being “bullied” and mocked on Twitter. It may well be a case of Cyrus vs Selena Gomez a battle of molly vs mildly just as soon as she Wrecking Ball singer catches wind of Selena’s interview.

Add to this latest “diss” by Gomez the fact that the two young pop stars have feuded before. Earlier this year the two singers had the claws out for each other in another clash of wills. In that particular feud/fight both girls had friends who rallied to the other’s cause. It was a clash of “goody-two-shoes” against trailer park princess.

There appears to be a clear division among the young female popstars. Selena has always invoked a sort of bubble gum pop style which she only recently changed to allow her a greater audience. Taylor Swift, the good ole country girl has segued her style into a winning pop formula that has garnered her fans from both musical worlds.

Miley, on the other hand, started in country only by auspices of her father “Achy Breaky” Billy Ray Cyrus. In a sort of guilt by association type way in that her roots are are in the country music world. Her entry into pop via the doors of Disney and her rated G character of Hannah Montana insured her an almost instant audience of tweens and their mothers who adored “little” Miley.

But as Miley herself has said, she never was the saccharin sweet Hannah. She chafed under the Disney bit and could not wait to break away from the chains of G ratings and mild mannered hi-jinks that her character was made to go through. She has always, according to her, been raunchier and more earthy than her TV counterpart.

Even when she was appearing in music videos while still chained to her Montana contract, she began inserting more “adult” actions into the them. Her actions from the very beginning of her break away from Disney caused eruptions with Cyrus’ old fan base.

Her We Can’t Stop music video set the tone for her career shift; sex, money, and singing about molly were the focus of that song and its video. Critics of the new Miley style had just started sharpening their claws when MTV VMA’s and Wrecking Ball came along to make the antics in We Can’t Stop completely passe.

Now that Selena Gomez has thrown down the metaphorical gauntlet to challenge the image of Miley, fireworks should be expected. If not in real life, at the very least on Cyrus’ favorite mode of connection with her fans, Twitter. She used the social media mini-blogging site to denigrate the well-meaning Sinead O’Connor and presumably will attempt the same thing with Selena.

It could turn out, though, that Miley will let this one slide. Gomez is, afterall, just another young woman working in the world of entertainment. Selena is not an over 40 performer who clearly doesn’t remember what it is like to be young, at least in Miley’s eyes, and therefore the battle may not be quite so intense.

So keep an eye out for a possible upcoming Twitter war between Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez, the molly vs mildly battle of the week. Or you could hear a clarification from Gomez where she explains her rather blunt remark about not judging or the difference between a rockstar and a popstar. However this turns out, it should be interesting.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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