Mississippi UFO Abductee Finally Speaks about Abduction [Video]

Calvin Parker

Calvin Parker Jr. one of two men that were abductees in one of the most famous UFO cases in the history of the United States says he has never been able to accept what he explained were gray, creatures with, what appeared like, claws-for-hands from another world. The supposed encounter happened on Oct. 11, 1973, in Mississippi and it turned his entire world inside out. He has finally decided to speak out about his side of the abduction after all these years.

He said the three creatures had leathery gray skin and he believed them to be robots. They took him and Charles Hickson, the man with him, by their arms and floated them up to their space craft. He then saw something which appeared like a huge floating eye, which seemed to be examining him.

Parker stated that being on the ship was not something he wanted to happen, and became anxious by an early crush of unwelcome attention after Hickson reported it, with journalists and UFO fanatics overrunning the place where he and Hickson were employed.

He attempted to stay out of the limelight for the past 40 years, moving often before returning to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast in the last few years.

The occurrence made national news and ignited a wave of UFO sightings all across the nation. It became one of the most broadly scrutinized cases on record. Cynics ranged from the deputies who interviewed the men in the beginning all the way to a writer who wanted to prove the story a fraud. Parker, himself, has had differing ideas about whether he was visited by aliens or even possibly demons.

Parker, who is now 58, was only 18 when he and Hickson, who is now deceased, had gone fishing  one night after they got off work.

They had tossed their lines out into the water and as they waited, they both said they noticed a UFO covered in blue light come over them. It seemed to make some sort of zipping sound.

Hickson, who was 42 at that time, later talked about the creatures and told the same story Parker spoke of. During this time, Parker said he, himself, felt like he was paralyzed, but he was conscious. He said he felt the aliens gave him an exam like a doctor would.

The next thing either of them knew, they were back at their fishing site. The UFO had disappeared and Parker explained how the two men tried to pull themselves together even though they were in shock. Hickson had to down three liquor shots from a bottle he had inside his vehicle to calm himself down so he could think straight and try to decide what to do. They thought they better report what happened to police.

When they did, the deputies at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, first believed each man to be drunk.

Glenn Ryder, who is still employed at the department, and was captain at the time, said he laughed when he heard the men give their report. Yet, when he met with them,. Parker and Hickson stuck to what they said and never changed any details.

After the formal interviews had been given, police secretly put Hickson and Parker in a room with a hidden tape recorder, to see if they could catch the two men in any type of falsehood. They failed.

What they found recorded was Hickson telling the younger man that he was scared too and that they would not get over it in a lifetime.

By the next day, the men’s story was all over the front pages of newspapers in Pascagoula and Gulfport, MS. Basically the small town of Pascagoula had become a magnet for reporters and UFO detectives.

Prevalent interest in UFOs had started with Roswell NM back in the 1940’s where it was thought, by UFO supporters, that the United States Government had a crashed UFO and alien bodies. The government spent decades denying it and still does.

After this happened in Mississippi, in the few weeks after Parker and Hickson’s encounter, hundreds of reports poured in to the police, completely overwhelming them. Many were hoaxes, such as when a psychic predicted a UFO would show up between Pascagoula and Mobile AL. Over 1,000 people showed up, but no UFO.

A skeptic by the name of Philip Klass thought Hickson and Parker were trying to pull off a hoax of their own. He said that Hickson changed various details of his story and explained that a polygraph worker who had tested Hickson, and said Hickson had passed, was not up to giving those kinds of exams. Parker also passed his own lie detector test.

Hickson enjoyed being in the spotlight. He went on talk shows, published books, and gave lectures. He even said he had other encounters in 1974 and noted that the aliens told him they came in peace.

Parker was the complete opposite and tried his best to stay away from the public. He felt the attention by the public was an intrusion to his privacy, but it also has become less frequent over the years. However, it has never fully stopped. He said he has never had full privacy since that time.

Parker did marry later on that year and, in time, moved into the oil business and got some out-of-state construction jobs that allowed him to get away from the attention.

Parker admits he did go to a few UFO conventions. He also tried to temporarily make the most of  his story in 1993 by beginning his own company named UFO Investigations, where he and associates would produce segments on the subject of UFO’s for television, but it went nowhere.

Parker had a stroke in 2010 that caused him to have a bit of limited mobility. He receives disability now, yet still is able to sometimes boat by the encounter site whenever he goes out fishing.

While he is out on the water, Parker said he still has differing thoughts over the years about that night. He has stated he was not even sure the creatures were aliens, that they could have even been demons.

He states he is a firm believer in God and where there is good, there is evil. Even so, after 40 years, this UFO abductee feels speaking out to the public about his abduction is something he should finally do.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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