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Anyone who wants a chance to live a nice, long, healthy life should sign the petition available at against Monsanto, the creators of DDT, Agent Orange and bad food. They are up to win the Nobel Prize in agriculture. This is the World Food Prize which will occur on Oct. 16, World Food Day. If they win, disaster is in the wind that carries their killer seeds.

There’s no way this evil corporation, who has nothing but our demise in mind, should be allowed to keep poisoning us with their genetically-modified seeds and food. And that is exactly what will happen if they win; they will have free rein and unrestricted power to continue making millions of people sick.

Genetically modified means they alter the genetic make up and the DNA of crops, mixing them with other life forms. One purpose is to create the ability of this new crop to produce pesticides. What they are doing, basically, is creating a dangerous pesticide and then altering the basic nature of crops in an attempt to resist the pesticide. The results have been much damage to humans.

In 2008, Monsanto made a $5 million pledge to the World Food Prize Foundation, essentially buying their way into acceptance as a legitimate, sustainable food source for this planet. They are anything but.

This company spells disaster for thousands of farmers by forcing them to buy Monsanto seeds which cause nothing but damage. They sell suicide seeds that die in one season and cannot be re-planted; therefore farmers are forced to buy seeds every year which cause many to go bankrupt.

A prime example: 270,000 farmers committed suicide between 1995 and 2012 in India because they could not sustain their farms under these conditions. Monsanto forced them out of business with their chemical seeds.

Does this sound like a solution to world hunger which they profess as their goal? Does Monsanto deserve to win a Nobel Prize for causing suicide and disaster on a world level?

From Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet For a Small Planet and Anna Lappe, author of Diet for a Hot Planet:

Almost twenty years after commercialization of the first GMO seeds, by far the most widely used are not engineered to enhance nutrient content, but to produce a specific pesticide or to resist a proprietary herbicide, or a combination of these traits. Even in reducing weeds, the technology is failing, for it has led to herbicide-resistant “super weeds” now appearing on nearly half of American farms.

Syngenta, the giant company that is killing bees in massive amounts with their pesticides will also receive a prize and share the $250,000 prize money.

Monsanto has taken over 90% of the world’s farms, forcing them out of business, essentially wiping out most of our farming.

Many of these farms are organic and a serious problem that occurs is these Monsanto seeds fly around and cross-pollinate with the crops in the organic farms, destroying them. To add insult to injury, Monsanto has turned around and sued some of these farmers on the basis of patent infringement, as if the farmers planned to contaminate their fields with Monsanto chemicals. However, some farmers succeeded in suing Monsanto for contaminating their farms and won.

Of course, Monsanto claims no damage can be done from their food, their seeds or herbicides but experiments with mice have resulted in tumors, organ failures, cancer and premature death.

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s weed killer called Roundup, is one of the most dangerous chemicals in the world. It can cause cancer and spontaneous abortions, while weakening plants and causing disease. More disaster.

Some farmers were feeding their pigs Monsanto corn and that resulted in sterility. After switching back to organic corn, they started producing babies again.

Monsanto has been planting millions of acres of GMO corn in this country– disaster. At the same time, however, several European countries either have banned Monsanto or are in the process – Germany, for example. Some have burned thousands of acres of Monsanto crops.

The reason Monsanto is flourishing in this county is because is it deeply rooted in the government. President Obama has appointed former Monsanto executive, Michael Taylor, as deputy commissioner of food at the FDA. This was after Monsanto spent $80 million in lobbying and campaign contributions. Also, Bill Gates is a prime investor in Monsanto.

In 2010, Roundup made $2 billion for Monsanto while actually causing world hunger and sickness.

If you are interested in signing a petition to save our farmers and our food, one can be found on the website

Monsanto was voted the most evil corporation on earth – capturing 51% of the vote. There isn’t anything worse for our physical survival than to allow this abomination called Monsanto to win the Noble Prize in agriculture. Disaster!

By:  Lucille Femine


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