Nelson Mandela; Was He Virtuous or Heartless?

Nelson Mandela
South Africa – Who was Nelson Mandela and why does the world hold this icon in such high esteem? He is a heartless person and a virtuous being as well.

Nelson Mandela died in June, amid a huge conspiracy by the government and his family. It is still recorded by the presidency that he is alive and making a remarkable improvement as time goes by.

Nelson Mandela was a man on a mission, recognized as a heroic figure internationally; portrayed as a loving father and spouse. His profound and enlightening statements continue to travel the internet, sparking a tremendous love toward this man who is no longer with us. We all too well remember the good side of Nelson Mandela. We never hear of his weaknesses, his flaws and his wrongdoings. It is no surprise to most of the world that he is a human being just like others and not perfect.

The world recalls the dark days and the turbulent time the masses suffered under white supremacy and the apartheid regime. The world endorsed Nelson Mandela as the first democratic black President of South Africa and gave him icon status. They loved this man, as did the majority of South Africans. His past mistakes and faults were quickly forgiven and forgotten, and so the heroic legendary Mandela was portrayed as a man who could do no wrong. Yes; Mandela was an extraordinary man with incredible virtues and one who showed remarkable loyalty toward his people. He gave them freedom and started a strategy to ensure that they will forever live a life of liberty.

Mandela paid a price for this freedom; he had to sign an agreements before his release from prison. He had to ensure that there was a place in the beautiful land for all races, and abide by the new constitution written and passed into law before his release. Freedom meant success of democracy, a promise of a better future and an excellent opportunity to accumulate vast wealth.

Mandela started his political career as the first democratic President and enlisted all his loyal and murderous ANC comrades into the highest positions in Government. He opened up the borders of this country and allowed an influx of neighbors to come into a prosperous South Africa and live a life of opulence. He had no choice; after all, it was these neighboring African countries that helped the ANC during their struggle by supplying them with financial aid, arms and accommodation. He took his begging bowl, traveled around the world, and dramatized his 27-year imprisonment of pain and suffering. Leaders from all around the globe showed empathy toward the already old man and gave him unlimited investment opportunities and resources. Mandela, in turn, brought this back to his country and set up the greed factor. His personal wealth and that of his comrades increased and this fascination for money spiraled into corruption, bribery and theft.

The immigrants wanted their fair share of the pie, and so the high increase in crime began to spiral out of control. As the years went by, the crime statistics escalated at an alarming rate, forcing the citizens of South Africa to live as virtual prisoners within their homes. Gone are the days of walking down the road or letting your child play at a public park. The risk of rape, robbery or murder is far too high.

Housing became a problem and – although the ANC government kept on promising houses for all their people – after twenty years, this is but a dream. Squatter camps started rising up around the country, causing the influx of immigrants to live in the dirtiest conditions. With the disgusting, filthy living conditions other problems escalated; health issues became a nightmare fora public health services that, after twenty years, has transformed the once prominent operation into filthy buildings with no adequate facilities and far too few medical personnel.

Schooling and education – a legacy that Mandela embraced – became a complete nightmare; the Government allowing the standard of education to drop, forcing the crowded understaffed schools to under-perform. Drugs are the new way of life and obtaining these are simple – even the policing services are involved. Terrorist activities escalate, as South African becomes the haven for such dealings.

Nelson Mandela received numerous honors, including a Nobel Peace Prize, during his ruling years. A man honored as a savior and given iconic status and ranking as he transformed the lovely country of South African into a democratic land. The famed Nelson Mandela was portrayed as a perfect human being of almost mythical status and revered by millions. As the years swept by his popularity grew, and he was worshiped in a twisted cult movement throughout the world.

Nelson Mandela was a murderer as well; we tend to forget the brutal history of how he orchestrated and ordered the bombings of innocent people in and around shopping malls, sports fields and other soft targets. His involvement as an ‘anti-apartheid’ fighter should not be ignored. While in prison, he remained the leader of the ANC and had access to the facts and events around the country. He could channel his commands to the comrades who were strategically placed on the outside of his prison.

After his first term of presidency ended, Mandela remained a popular public figure and endorsed the practices of the ANC government. It is now a sad fact that the world allowed this man to take the status of a ‘God’ who, even in death, continues to influence the state of the ANC political party.

The Mandela name is powerful and will not be forgotten. We will remember Nelson Mandela as he certainly played a crucial role in history yet we will never forget his sinful nature and how he initiated the downfall of a beautiful country. We don’t know if his soul is up or down – only God Most High knows.

Written by Laura Oneale

7 Responses to "Nelson Mandela; Was He Virtuous or Heartless?"

  1. Outannie   April 25, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Ashill you are deluded/confused Nelson is guilty as charged, he sang Kill the white after his release in company of great crowds with toddlers on the shoulders of their parents cultivating Hate for generations, he was responsible for training Mk terrorists in Zambia who still to this day is terrorizing S.A. He never ever denounced violence and never spoke out about the killing of the Whites nor the killing or rape and violence in the Black communities where babies gets raped, rather he Basked in the adorations of the Hollywood Brainless, druggies like Amy Wynehouse etc. If only he practiced what he preached To the world S.A. WOULD HAVE BEEN A PARADISE INSTEAD OF A GANGERSTERS GOVERNMENT AND PARAISE. He knew very, very well who his successors was going to be and were great buddies with Zuma and the corrupt crowd.
    Here in Canada in the Vancouver Sun even more of the otrocities of the aspiring Grave Train Comrades who were killed was exposed, 38 aspiring Gravey Train Guys In Kwa Zulu Natal was murdered. S.A. Media does not tell you the true stories of the Wicked ANC Government trained by Nelson The “Great” TERRORIST. The only Nobel prize he deserves is one for the best Two Faced Politician/Terrorist ever in all history

  2. Cornelia   April 25, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Do not forget before the Black life expectancy was 34 years, Unser the dreaded Apartheid regime it changed to Life expectancy being 64 Years when The Great Nelson took over, WHAT is it now under ANC Rule??

  3. Ashil   December 13, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Seems like a very pro-white viewpoint. Mandela was not a murderer – unless you foolishly believe he could communicate to the ANC while in prison all those years.He was not responsible for any of the bombings and attacks for which some people are so eager to shift blame onto him. Although I disagree with the almost deifying of his name, one cannot possible hold him accountable for all the corruption and failures of his successors in government, who indeed have turned South Africa into a terrible place in which to live. As for “the blood of children, women, the aged, and farmers dripping from his fingers,” only a coward and ignorant person can make such a statement – someone who simply can’t let go of firm prejudices and wants to believe anything but the truth!

    • Duffy   December 15, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Oh for goodness sake ASHIL , you have no clue, look at the SA now has it improved in any way now that the blacks have reign, it is a mess. Nelson Mandela used violence and he preached violence, the true hero if you are looking for one is DeKlerk who released him from prison and gave the blacks the vote.

  4. joemf   December 12, 2013 at 8:33 am

    and yet..we in America for the most part are spoon fed the medias portrayal of his Christlikeness…and gulp it up like snow cones at the carnival. We’re lemmings just looking for a cliff…i give up!!!

  5. Sorrel Jakins   November 4, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Thank you Laura. I am so sick of the sanctification of Saint Nelson Mandela. This is the very first time I have read in print of the blood of children, women, the aged, and farmers dripping from his fingers.

  6. Willem   October 9, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    On the button. The so called democracy in SA is a farse. Even Agang leader, Rampele, who in fact was an activist against the apartheid system, is realising after 20 years that life was much better in the old dispensation. Everytime a white person tells the truth, they are labelled as racists. Now their own people are telling the truth, but they are not racists. Strange, isn’t it?


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