NFL Week 5 Pre-Game Report Part 2


Here we go for the rest of the line up for this weekend’s NFL games.  We are into week 5 of the NFL and this is your pre-game report, take two.  We are looking at the teams, their quarterbacks and some random facts you maybe didn’t know you wanted to know.

Now for the last 7 pairs of teams in the line up…and admittedly, I have greatly slacked on the quarterback photos – I do apologize!

7. Chiefs vs. Titans

Alex Smith
Alex Smith


Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick


The Kansas City Chiefs versus the Tennessee Titans in Tennessee at LP Field.  Here we go ladies and gentlemen.  The undefeated Chiefs rev up their pulses to play smart against the nearly undefeated Titans.  This ought to be a good one.  Quarterbacks are Alex Smith for the Chiefs and Ryan Fitzpatrick  for the Titans as Jake Locker is out with an injury.

What can be said about these boys?  Alex Smith seems to be undervalued in the league even though he is taking his team home this season with a 4-0 win.  Ryan Fitzpatrick brings his Harvard smarts and 9 years of NFL experience to the team though the timing some say is rough, having just lost Jake Locker after winning three out of four games this year.  Fitzpatrick is well seasoned to take this position, however, having played 75 career games and throwing 14,444 yards achieving 93 touchdowns as well as 81 marvelous interventions.  He should be good to go.

Alex Smith shines with the rating of 61% touchdowns from inside trips.  Having had a difficult career with injuries and a slight from his former 49ers team, Smith shows his brilliance in the way he has led the Chiefs to victory so far this season.  This ought to be a great game.

8. Jaguars vs. Rams

On the flip-side, the fully defeated Jacksonville Jaguars play the St. Louis Rams showing up only slightly better with one win this season.  The Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri prepares for a game that will hopefully only keep their team moving on the up and up while holding down the Jaguars for another round.  Blaine Gabbert is still to be the Jaguar’s starting quarterback for this game along with Sam Bradford playing for the Rams.

What do we have to look forward to in St. Louis?  Number 11 plays his third year where he has started all but one of 25 games.  He has been the least aged quarterback to start a game in some many instances.  His coach still feels confident that Gabbert is the right one to put in, so let’s see how this one goes.  Sam Bradford has been called a “scrappy third-rounder” who keeps getting picked as the star player, when he apparently doesn’t deserve it.  Based on the numbers, maybe they’re right?  Let’s see what happens when the Rams and the Jaguars come face to face, will these two rise into greatness? Or continue in the ways that have brought their teams to where they are today?

9. Panthers vs. Cardinals

Arizona will host the Carolina Panthers versus the home favorite Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  Cam Newton for Carolina starts with Carson Palmer for the Cardinals.  What is the fate of these two teams?  Some expect that playing the Cardinals will be a breeze for Cam Newton and give him a boost compared with recent stats in passing yards.  We’ll see.  Word on the street dubs Carson Palmer as split personality on the field, looking as though he knows what he is doing part of the time…not so much the rest of it.  Kind of like me writing about sports.  To be honest, I am not the most sports savy person, in case you haven’t noticed.  Though you probably haven’t if you’ve only read this one paragraph.  But if you continue to read on, the veil thins, guaranteed.  Because trying to get this pre-game report done before the games actually start has sucked up a large part of my Saturday.  Getting back to Palmer – well, he has thrown 192 touchdowns during his career, not bad if you ask me.

10. Broncos vs. Cowboys

Diverting from this somewhat, but possibly not entirely interesting article about week 5 of the NFL, It’s time to just look at how good looking the quarterbacks are and what they might like to eat.  Not that I am that shallow, though I am betting the topics I am really interested in writing about are near impossible to find on the net.

The undefeated Denver Broncos take on the Dallas Cowboys Sunday in Texas.  Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Broncos, right?  At least that’s what my Google search tells me.  According to Around the League stats, Manning is the fastest and most attractive player around.  While I am researching quarterbacks and stats I can’t help but wonder why people are so fascinated with this game and it has come to my attention that perhaps football fans are intensely genius and have channeled their genius into random odd statistics about players, games and touchdown passes.

The quarterback Tony Romo for the Dallas Cowboys causes me to wonder whether or not he likes or hates detest-fully, Italian food, as his name would not so slyly suggest?  This guy has been knocked over, unprotected by his linemen, eleven times this year to date.  Poor guy could use a delicious bowl of savory noodles for his trampled form.

11. Texans vs. 49er’s

49ers quarterback
Colin Kaepernicktexans quarterback
Matt Schaub

Here is where things get interesting.  Now, with a body like that – 49ers quarterback Kaepernick really ought to be looking into another line of work, I’m just saying.  If we were going to play the “who’s the most attractive quarterback on the field?” game, Colin would definitely be ranking near the top of the pile, if not soaring above any of the rest that I have so far looked up.

San Francisco 49ers play the Houston Texans in California on Sunday where Colin Kaepernick and Matt Schaub play their manly quarterback roles for these battling teams, both tied at 2-2.  Where do these guys take it from here?  Who knows what’s gonna go down on the field, but off the field, many are speculating that Kaepernick has a new girlfriend 17 years his senior.  True?  It’s always hard to tell with these “celebrities”, though an Instagram message sent over last weekend raises eyebrows as to the validity of this speculation.

It seems that come the end of the year, quarterback Matt Schaub has uncertain income.  Where that leaves him, no one is sure yet – probably not even him.  What would you do?  For now, he claims to be sticking with the team and allowing fate to deal her cards.

12. Chargers vs. Raiders

In Oakland, California at the O’co Coliseum the San Diego Chargers visit the Oakland Raiders for an interesting California match up.  Philip Rivers with the Chargers and Terrelle Pryor for Oakland step onto the field in quarterback position to watch this game fly into action.  The Chargers lead with one more game win under their belt.  Pryors got an apparent positive disposition about the whole game, looking forward to the opportunity to play.  It seems Rivers is only getting faster with his throws, apparently getting rid of 66% of every ball by the 2.5 second marker – not bad at all.

In this game it’s all about speed, endurance and smart plays.  The fans have to be just as quick to catch all that action, add it up in their heads and utilize all the brilliance just waiting to be put to good use.  Maybe there is more to this game than meets the eye?  What if all these little factoids could be used to stimulate deeper functions of the brain and work out scientific equations, now think how high the percentage would be for success with all the collective minds at use at once!

13.  Jets vs. Falcons

Lastly, and finally, in my quest to attempt a sports-based article I admittedly argue that though it is amusing to look up stats and write about games, it is not my forte.  So, I hope you will excuse the attempt made and reap some good laughs at my effort.  Maybe you even enjoyed the past two articles a smidgen, and if not, that would be okay too.  You win some and you lose some.  I think I’ll stick with health topics in the future.  But knowing that millions of fans would be wondering about the games of week 5, I couldn’t help but make a valiant effort to please.

In Atlanta, Georgia this weekend, the Georgia Dome will be bursting with excitement as Falcons fans welcome the New York Jets into their stadium.  The Jets sit at 2-2 while Falcons are only 1-3, but hey, home-court advantage is about to kick in (or was that the term for basketball?)  Matt Ryan will be the starting quarterback for the Falcons playing diligently against  Mark Sanchez of the Jets, who plans to have shoulder surgery later this month.  Will the injury be a downside for the Jets?  I won’t be watching the game, so I won’t know – but if you are watching, check it out…injured quarterback takes on the game despite the pain in his shoulder – what a guy!

I am admittedly losing steam at the end of this article.  I truly and whole-heartedly hope you have enjoyed a speck of this NFL week 5 pre-game report part 2 and possibly even part 1.  They have, as I’ve mentioned, taken up a good part of my day and my brain is on over-load.  You fans must be teetering past the genius level to keep all these facts straight.  I won’t put myself down for not knowing or caring who will win beyond the Google search reports.  I have my genius in natural medicine.  The number of herbs, essential oils, pressure points and yoga poses one can keep in their brain is no less tedious than the stats for an entire NFL line-up.  My hats off to you sports fans.  I have gained a new appreciation for you.

To end, here is a delightful poem in your honor:

NFL Week 5 Poem

Patriots clashing the Bengals on a Sunday;

Tiger slashing red, white and blue ray.

Packers bashing the Lions on Week 5;

Cheeseheads thrive on the cat taking a dive.

Seahawks showing down the Colts;

Volt of lightening bolts

Ravens fighting the Dolphins;

Who ever is bolder will surely win.

Saints standing up against the Bears;

Surely fate will take them there

To the win longed to be seen;

The team of choice to victory.

Eagles and Giants take the floor

Boring and slow, we can hope for more;

Trying the field for a change of pace

Only the fast ones will win this race.

The Chiefs and the Titans

Meet on the grass

Chiefs just might be kicking some a**

Jaguars and Rams in the slow of their plight

May surprise everyone with a mystical flight

Panthers, they creep

Cardinals fly

Asking their fans to reach for the sky

Cheering them on to the win of the day

Numbers will count up every move, every play.

Broncos and Cowboys

Dancers will Show

Who is the winner –

Well, Denver, we know.

San Francisco and Houston Rock

Fans will raise up their smiles as they shock

with effortless plays that make us all sing

Winners come easy when the football they bring!

Chargers and Raiders in Oaklands great town

Buckle it up and battle it down

Finally we see the Falcons and Jets

Playing each other like they have just met

Smarter than Eagles and faster than planes

Who will show up to win these Sunday Games?


Thank you for reading and enjoy the NFL week 5!


Written by: Stasia Bliss & Christopher Bielke

Sources:; FoxNews; YardBarker;; Cold Hard Football Facts; CBS Sports; ESPN Arizona; Sports on Yahoo; NFL News; Cowboys Blog; ibTimes;; Fansided; MMQB;

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