NFL Week 6 Preview: SNF Redskins @ Cowboys

Washington Redskins

Finally we reach today’s last installment of the Week 6 Preview. We are going back to Texas,  ya’ll, for Sunday Night Football. We shall take look at what the Washington Redskins can do after a bye week at AT & T Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys, coming off a record-setting game against the Denver Broncos.


Win/Loss YardsRush/Pass/Ttl TD Sacks 1St Downs ToP T/O Ratio
Redskins 1/3 424/1139/1563 12 15 85 28:25 -1
Cowboys 2/3 461/1425/1886 18 14 108 31:09 +3


Comp/Att Yards Percentage Yrd/Att TD INT Sack/Loss Rating
Griffin 106/170 1202 62.4 7.1 6 4 7/63 85.5
Romo 135/188 1523 71.8 8.1 13 2 13/98 114.3


It’s not every given Sunday a man can go out, throw the game of his career and still be vilified by his fan base come Monday morning.  Meet Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo, and he is that man.

Up until last Sunday, the Denver Broncos appeared unstoppable. Not once did they fall behind, they were never outscored, outran or out-thrown,  and hardly broke a sweat as they racked up win after win all season.

Then, the Broncos came to Dallas.  Romo launched a dazzling offensive clinic for over 50 minutes. The Cowboys were the first team to have the Broncos down 14-0. The are the first team to score more than 30 points against Denver. The Broncos did not take the lead until the second quarter, and it was a back and forth battle from there. Romo made one mistake –one- that cannot in all fairness be laid completely at his feet. Many Cowboys’ fans blame the Romo Choke Reflex, meaning with bare minutes left, Romo makes a game-losing mistake.

This time, while dropping back, Romo’s foot became entangled with one of his defenders. Then, down field where he was sending the pass, a Broncos defender dived fully prone in front of the intended receiver and snagged the ball.

Of course being Cowboys fans, we hurt –we hurt a lot. We knew Manning needed mere seconds to make this game a loss for the Cowboys, and he did just that.   How may teams in this league can give up 48 points and still win the game? Just one, so far.

No one in the Cowboys’ camp is blaming Romo. Owner Jerry Jones inflamed fans by calling the loss a “moral victory” but –after cooling off for a week- we must agree.

Romo threw 5 touchdowns for 506 yards. Together he and Manning broke the NFL record for total points scored in a game and total yards passing in a game. It was a fantastic head-to-head war for 60 unforgettable minutes of American football.

This week, the Redskins come visiting the Jerry-Mahal, and one has to wonder: How does Romo follow up last week’s game?  Currently Romo holds the franchise record for single-game passing yards. He is ranked first in the NFC completion percentage at 71.8%. He has 13 touchdowns, only two interceptions and a spectacular 114.3 passer rating. Only Peyton Manning has made more pass attempts, and Romo is in the top five of every other major passing category. How does he follow that up? Keep on playing.

Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, DeMarco Murray, Sean Lee, Barry Church and every player on or off that field contributed something to this almost-win, but the day belonged to Romo. There can no longer be any doubt that he is an elite quarterback.

Now if only he can do that every week.

Turning our attention to the Redskins, coming off a bye seems to have been good for RG3. Getting their first win just before the bye week helped them go into with less stress, and RG3 took the time to “relax and get back to being myself.”

He is ready to go, he says, “energized” and looking forward to renewing the rivalry between Washington and Dallas. During the last two weeks before the bye, RG3 began to show flashes of his rookie self, moving around more and getting the ball out of his hands. He even rushed a bit.

RG3’s improved comfort level is reflected in the offensive line’s greater ability to maintain the pocket. Griffin is not one to stand and stare down field or accept a sack. He will scamper out of harm’s way but has been a bit skittish this season. Those nerves are getting settled and RG3 is back to using his legs to do what he does.

Although the Cowboys broke pattern (win-lose-win-lose-lose), Romo’s 11 years in the league and the renewed faith of his team bring it close to being another toss-up. RG3 may be fully recovered, but the Redskins are still 1-3. It has been noticed that when Romo is hot he is hot. Considering this, we will go with the Cowboys to win on Sunday Night Football, and force the Redskins to regroup and reevaluate after their time off.


Written by: Brandi Tasby

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