Nicole Kidman Sexy Texting Makes Keith Urban Blush

Nicole Kidman Sexy Texting Makes Keith Urban Blush

Nicole Kidman has been talking about her relationship with Keith Urban and how different it is from her marriage to Tom Cruise. Urban has been talking about how he and Nicole keep their long distance relationship working. Apparently the secret is sexy texting, although admitting it made Urban blush.

Kidman has revealed that her marriage to mega-star Tom Cruise was “intoxicating” but that he was never her “great love.” The 46 year-old film star spoke to Vanity Fair as part of the magazine’s December issue. She explained the she was too young at 23 and even though life with Cruise was great, he was not the one. Kidman says that now she has found that special guy, or as she says, her “great love.” Apparently, it was worth the wait.

Before Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair interview is released and we can learn all about the relationship between her and Keith, he has been talking about things from his point of view. The 46 year-old Kiwi/Aussie country music star spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show about how the two of them overcome the challenge of a “long distance” relationship.

The one thing not mentioned is that the two obviously are deeply into each other. Even at 46, the two are very connected, almost like a couple half their age. Keith Urban’s “blushing” admission that he and Nicole Kidman engage in sexy texting is cute and surprising. It is also amazing that the almost middle-aged Urban can still blush.

It cannot be easy. Besides having half the globe between them, Urban is doing double duty by working on the television show American Idol, while performing in his Light the Fuse tour. Nicole Kidman is working on a film in England as well as looking after the couple’s daughters Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose. The two girls are age 5 and 2 and in London with mom.

Keith explained to Ellen that one thing that he and Nicole agreed upon was that when they are apart, they never email or text. The two almost always insist on talking to each other. There is, according to Urban, one exception to the “talking only” rule.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban both work to “juggle” their schedules. Keith said that he always works to avoid being away from hearth and home for too long. He does several shows in his tour in a row, then comes home for an equal amount of time. Although right now, the addition of American Idol and Nicole’s working on a film in the United Kingdom has made things a little difficult. Urban says the they just work around the situation as best they can and work hard to keep the romance alive in their relationship.

Part of the working hard to keep their relationship “hot” is by that one exception to the email/texting rule. According to Urban, the pair “sex text” each other, but, not too often. It seems that with these two less is best, and when he was pressed by Ellen DeGeneres to explain the nature of the texts, Keith explained that they were “nice” sexy texting. That was when Nicole Kidman’s “one great love” Keith Urban admitted that he was blushing about the whole thing. Everyone, all together now, “Aw.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom