iPhone 5/5s Evutec Case Review (Hands On)

iPhone 5/5s Evutec Case Review (Hands On)

Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show I was not able check out the Evutec booth because I could not make it back to the Las Vegas Hilton from the Convention Center before closing time.  People and their representatives were talking about their Dupont™ Kevlar® cases and rumors were swirling all around CES.  I kept in contact with the same representative that had been gathering samples for me last year, and now that Evutec is moving forward with their product launch he was able to get the Teak Wood S and Karbon S Cases sent to me for review this week.

Beginning with the Teak colored Wood S case, I was immediately drawn to the fact of how well it fit the iPhone 5 (the cases also say they fit a 5s as well, but I own a 5 so I will be basing my reviews around that particular phone unit).  Unlike several cases I have used before, it felt like this Evutec case was a natural extension of the iPhone itself.  It did not feel like an appendage placed around the phone, but rather how you would buy it in the store and how it would come to you directly out of the box.  This should be the goal of all cases, and I applaud Evutec for putting sincere focus into this.  Aesthetically, the case looks very good in the Teak Wood color; it obviously has an earthy feel, since wood comes from trees, to the coloring and wooden throwbacks are at the top of the retro trends these days.

If you are looking for something futuristic this may not precisely the case you are looking for visually, but it is functionally sleek and durable.  The downsides to this particular case are minimal.  One of which being that it is a snap on the back of the phone type of case, which does not offer nearly the amount of protection that say an Otter Box owner would desire.  I personally think those cases detract from the overall design of the iPhone itself and make it too clunky.  This being said, if you drop the phone hard directly on the screen side you do have the potential for damage, but I’m not risking my phone in order to test that particular theory.  Dropping it on the backside of the phone from chest height onto the concrete yielded no damage whatsoever, and did not even scratch the case itself.  I did notice that the Wood S Case can be slippery if your hands are wet or sweaty so that may be something worth paying attention to, but should not be a deal breaker.

The other case I am reviewing is the Karbon S Case, which is made of woven Dupont™ Kevlar® and something that really sets Evutec apart from other iPhone case suppliers.  What I said previously about the Wood S Case feeling like a natural extension of the iPhone itself goes tenfold for the Karbon S Case.  It fits like an absolute dream instantaneously and allows the iPhone to look as sleek and cool as Apple intended.  The woven Dupont™ Kevlar® that comprises the makeup of the case withstood drops from chest height with no damage to the phone or scratches to the case itself.  And a katana did not go through it when I attempted to make a straight piercing, just in case you end up in the that situation.

Of the two, I personally prefer the Karbon S case because it visually and sensibly feels perfect to me.  Like I said, it will not provide the all-around protection of an Otter Box since the front screen is exposed, but Evutec is not competing within that market.  If you are looking for a snap on case for the iPhone, you simply cannot find a better looking or more functional case than the Evutec Karbon S.

These cases, along with several others from Evutec, will be available in Apple Retail Stores beginning November 1st, 2013.

Written by Michael Blain

Twitter: @michaelblain

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  1. Brent   November 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Does the Karbon S case wrap around the front of the phone slightly?


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