NYPD Police Watched Biker Beating

New YorkCBS News reported Sunday morning that at least three New York City Police Officers were amongst the bikers involved in the beating and harassment of an SUV driver and his family on the Henry Hudson Parkway last Sunday.

NYPD Spokesman John McCarthy confirmed that at least one detective is a member of the biker club and was present during the chase and beating. According to reports two detectives and three additional officers were present and did nothing to stop the violence. One detective, an undercover officer, feared ruining his cover.

The undercover officer has been stripped of his gun and badge. The internal affairs division is investigating why the officers did not come forward immediately. The first officer came forward four days after the incident.

Last Sunday, Alexander Lien, his wife and child were driving when they were surrounded by a group of bikers who harassed them eventually pulling him out of the SUV. Robert Sims allegedly stomped on Lien’s head and body. Reginald Chance has also been charged. Lien attempted to drive away and in the process ran over Edwin Mieses Jr., who stopped directly in front of the SUV.

Lien suffered two black eyes, and cuts on his face that required stitches. The man he ran over is reportedly paralyzed.

Reports are that the police officers saw the incident and did nothing. The undercover officer has retained a lawyer. Three officers came forward after the undercover officer. They were all off duty. Officers who are undercover are required to report being a witness to a crime immediately. They are not required to take action as it could confuse the situation and unravel many years of investigative work. Uniformed officers are required to aid in this type of situation.

WABC reports that the police department of New York is also investigating whether off duty corrections officers were amongst the motorcyclists.

According to the Front Line Soldiers Bike Club website, the motorcyclists “stand for being in the front line representing this great country. We have brothers, sisters, and children who serve and protect our ways of life to secure our future generations to come. This is a free country and many have lost their lives so we can live free.”

The story is sure to stay in the forefront as the family of the man run over by the SUV has retained famed attorney Gloria Allred stating the man is neither violent nor a gang member and could not have been involved in the way he is being presented. Mieses, Jr. broke both legs and sustained spinal injuries that paralyzed him.

Mieses, who is from Lawrence, Mass., was arrested on May 24 in Andover, Mass., and has had dozens of other violations. Mieses reportedly does not have a valid license and hasn’t since 1989.

There is no word as to explanation for why the officers would be involved and yet watch and do nothing to help Lien or stop the escalation of violence.

Written by Linda Torkelson










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