Obama Insults WWII Veterans, Gets the Finger in Response

Obama Insults WWII Veterans, Gets the Finger in Response
The World War II Memorial in Washington DC opened in 2004. Its construction was financed almost entirely by donations from private individuals, veterans’ groups and corporations. The federal government chipped in less than 10 percent of the money. The memorial belongs to the people; the federal government cannot ‘close’ it. In his petty and childish attempt to seal off the memorial, President Obama – a man no longer worthy of the office, if ever he was – insults our WWII veterans; but it appears that, in response, they’re giving him the finger – as they should.

On Tuesday, a group of WWII veterans from Mississippi and Iowa arrived at the memorial to find barriers blocking access to the site. Republican Rep.  Steven Palazzo of Mississippi helped to move aside barricades as the Park Police stood by. The memorial is usually unguarded, but there was a heavy security presence Tuesday; an undeniable sign that someone in the Obama administration had issued instructions that access to the site was to be refused. This was not just a case of unfortunate timing; Palazzo told the Daily Caller that federal authorities had been notified in advance that the veterans would be arriving as part of the Honor Flight program, which provides excursions to the capital for military veterans.

“We got the heads up that they will be barricaded and specifically asked for an exception for these heroes,” said Palazzo. The Congressman asserted that he had spoken with a White House liaison and was told “It’s a government shutdown, what do you expect?”

“I find it disappointing and disgusting for our country to have to go through this,” said Bob Hunter, a 90-year-old veteran from Gulfport, Miss., “I feel like we deserve better.” Another vet, Benjamin Joyner, told CBS News “I just wonder what we fought for. Back then, I had a pretty good idea, but now I just wonder. The way that things are going, they’re not working together, they’re working against this country, they’re trying to destroy it.”

Palazzo says that his office had spoken with h with the Department of the Interior, the Capitol Police and the National Park Service and that all had denied his request to bring the veterans to the Memorial Tuesday. Whilst Obama often claims that he has no idea what is going on in his administration – as a way for him to avoid taking responsibility for anything – and whilst his loyal supporters and the mainstream media automatically give him a pass on every issue, there can be no doubt that he is personally responsible for this disgrace; a White House staffer, two federal agencies and the Capitol Police were all clearly taking instruction from the same source. This President, who has on numerous occasions disrespected the armed forces, the flag, the Constitution and the nation’s veterans – not to mention the American people – directly bears the blame for this situation.

One can argue over whether the Republicans or the Democrats bear the responsibility for the government shutdown, but it is only a partial shutdown; the majority of federal employees continue to work and most of the functions of government continue to operate. Therefore, it is the administration that ultimately determines what is shut down, who is furloughed and which services will not be available. The Republican Party, which has no influence in the White house, no controlling vote in the Senate and not even an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, cannot be said to be behind the closure of the WWII memorial; that decision undoubtedly came from the White House; if not from Obama himself, then perhaps from his Marxist advisor, Valerie Jarrett, or maybe from one of the Many Muslim Brotherhood operatives who work for him; either way, he obviously knew of and approved the decision.

In a statement, Palazzo pointed out the irony of the situation. “It actually requires more effort and expense to shut out these veterans from their Memorial than it would to simply let them through.” This fact, in itself, proves that the attempted sealing off of the memorial was not necessitated by the partial shutdown of government; it was a petulant President disrespecting and insulting the nation’s WWII veterans.

More veterans will be attending the WWI memorial today to pay respects to fallen comrades. Undoubtedly, the President gets the finger again from the veterans he insults. Aaron Levin is among them. “We are going to go right the hell in there,” he told CBS Chicago. “That’s what they needed us for in World War II, to straighten things out. We are going to straighten them out now.”

The President would do well to remember that organizing a community does not compare to laying down one’s life for one’s country. For a man of such little achievement to have even won his party’s nomination for President is joke enough; the fact that he now occupies the White House and behaves no different from the sovereign this nation took up arms against is nothing short of appalling.

An op/ed by Graham J Noble
Combat veteran; stepfather to a soldier; son of a World War II veteran; nephew of two World War II veterans; grandson of a World War I veteran.


2 Responses to "Obama Insults WWII Veterans, Gets the Finger in Response"

  1. southerntongue   October 2, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Is the sole purpose of the Republican Party to bamboozle Obama now? In the process, they’re making every last American dance for their dinner (and healthcare.) http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboozling-obama.html

    • Graham Noble   October 2, 2013 at 2:31 pm

      Obama has been President for almost five years. If you are saying that he is not responsible for anything and that it’s all still Bush’s fault, then you’re admitting that Obama has been the most ineffective and incompetent POTUS in US history.

      Think about it: almost 5 years in office; the first two of those years with a his party controlling BOTH houses and his party still controlling the Senate for the rest of the time, but he hasn’t been able to solve any of the country’s problems? He would have to be the most useless President ever….which, of course, he is!


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